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Aislelabs WiFi Marketing

About Us

About Us

Meet the Aislelabs team, and the mission driving them every day.

Our Mission

Empowering the Built-Environment Marketer

At Aislelabs, we believe that data in the built environment has untapped potential.

That building systems, like WiFi, aren’t just costs to be paid, but instead are investments that not only need an ROI, but can deliver it.

We believe that marketers of the built environment – who we call Built-Environment Marketers – need help. They’re slammed with events and other activities that are unique to marketing in the physical world. 

We are that help.

At Aislelabs, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to aid and empower the Built-Environment Marketer, turning WiFi from a cost center to a profit center. We do that by actively helping you deanonymize visitors, giving you the highest ROI marketing channel of all.


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Aislelabs WiFi Marketing


Launched in 2014, Aislelabs is a leader in providing solutions to the Built-Environment Marketer, as well as providing WiFi-powered people counting solutions to leasing and operations teams in the built environment.

Through our deeply experienced team on 3 continents, we serve 300+ enterprise retail, aviation, restaurant, hospitality and more customers.

Aislelabs WiFi Marketing

Leadership Team

Garrett Schemmel - Aislelabs CEO

Garrett Schemmel


Prajakta Dravid

Senior Director, Customer Success
richard fu

Richard Fu

VP, Finance
Suresh Mallya

Suresh Mallya

Director, Product Management

Vikram Chaturvedi

Director, Sales - Middle East / Africa / Asia