Understand the end to end passenger journey

Understand the end-to-end passenger journey

  • Utilize your existing wireless infrastructure to analyze the entire journey of the passengers from curb-to-gate and gate-to-curb.
  • Visualize passenger flow from check-in to security to retail to gates and from gates to immigration to customs to exit.
  • Discover operational inefficiencies, understand delays, and how to resolve them.
Predict delays and issues before they happen

Predict delays and issues before they happen

  • Analyze delays and monitor queues at different checkpoints in the passenger journey.
  • Utilize powerful prediction engine to forecast future delays based on current operations, real-time flight schedule, and external conditions like weather and traffic.
  • Obtain staffing level recommendations in real-time in order to always maintain set performance benchmarks.
Visualize Lead Curves for Arrival and Departure Processes

Visualize lead curves for arrival and departure processes

  • Obtain lead curves for both arriving and departing passengers for each checkpoint including security, customs, and check-in.
  • Segment lead curves by airlines, sector, and destinations to understand when passengers arrive at the airport before their flight.
  • Plan resources based on the actual demand and streamline operations to reduce delays as well as increase on-time flight performance.
Staff Intelligently and Plan Resources Optimally

Staff intelligently and plan resources optimally

  • Adjust staffing schedules based on actual passenger volume both for present and future dates.
  • Proactively resolve delays or disruptions with notifications that will alert you before they are expected to happen.
  • Understand seasonalities and trends with staff level recommendations to better plan all resources for upcoming calendar.
Integrate with Flight Data and Operational Systems

Integrate with flight data and operational systems

  • Connect with your operational systems, including FIDS / AODB, sensors, traffic counting systems, cameras, and internal data warehouse.
  • Get a 360 view of airport operations, passenger flows, queue wait times, and processing throughputs in one easy to use dashboard.
  • Allocate gates optimally by combining passenger flow in airport terminals and flight information.
Track Assets Across the Entire Airport

Track assets across the entire airport

  • Visualize all assets including carts, wheelchairs, mobile FIDS, and expensive equipment in real-time on the airport terminal maps.
  • Set alerts to get notified when assets move or leave defined geofences to reduce asset loss.
  • View reports on asset utilization and plan staging areas for maximum efficiency.
Get Insights in Retail Sales and Drive Revenue

Get insights in retail sales and drive revenue

  • Boost sales by reducing delays and increase dwell time in duty free and retail areas.
  • Share insights with your retail partners via self serve dashboards and assist them to boost their revenues.
  • Segment retail KPIs and metrics by category, destination, and airline.

Why it matters

  • Reduce wait times to improve passenger experience and overall satisfaction.
  • Get data-driven insights to plan optimally and reduce costs.
  • Share insights to increase advertising and sponsorship revenues.
  • Empower retail partners to increase overall sales.
  • Streamline operations to improve on-time performance.
  • Unlock the power of big data to make informed decisions.