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Considering using Aislelabs for the first time? Here are some of the most common questions we’re asked – and they’re answers.


Yes, Aislelabs is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing WiFi infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition without the need for extensive hardware upgrades or replacements. We offer compatibility with a wide range of WiFi systems commonly used in various industries, ensuring flexibility and ease of implementation for our clients.

Absolutely, Aislelabs includes heatmapping capabilities, allowing you to visualize and understand visitor behavior within your venue with granular detail. Heatmaps provide valuable insights into traffic patterns, popular areas, and dwell times, enabling you to optimize your space for better customer engagement and operational efficiency

Yes, Aislelabs offers the flexibility to incorporate sponsors or dynamic ad content on your WiFi landing page, enhancing visitor engagement and providing additional revenue opportunities for your business. Whether you choose to feature sponsored promotions, targeted advertisements, or branded content, our platform allows for seamless integration to maximize impact and ROI.

Our data accuracy is of the highest standard, leveraging advanced analytics to ensure the highest level of precision in measurements and insights. By analyzing vast amounts of data collected from WiFi signals and other sources, we provide actionable intelligence with confidence, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive business growth.

No, additional hardware is typically not required to implement Aislelabs’ solution, as it is designed to leverage your existing infrastructure effectively. This minimizes upfront costs and simplifies the deployment process, enabling you to start benefiting from our technology without significant investments in new equipment.

Our pricing structure is according to the number of APs in use and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and scale of your business. For more information, visit:

Yes, Aislelabs offers white-label options for partners and resellers, allowing you to customize the platform with your brand consistency, to build customer trust, and differentiate your offerings in the market while leveraging our advanced technology and expertise. For more information, visit:

Yes, Aislelabs includes email marketing and social media marketing capabilities to engage with your audience across multiple channels. From personalized email campaigns triggered by visitor behavior to targeted social media ads based on location data, Aislelabs’ marketing tools empower you to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Absolutely, Aislelabs is suitable for outdoor venues, providing location-based marketing and analytics capabilities regardless of the setting. Whether you manage a sprawling outdoor event space, a scenic resort complex, or a bustling city square, Aislelabs enables you to understand visitor behavior, deliver targeted promotions, and optimize customer experiences.

Even if your WiFi network is not guest-facing, Aislelabs’ technology can still deliver valuable insights and marketing opportunities based on visitor behavior within your space. By analyzing signals from connected devices and leveraging other data sources, we can provide actionable intelligence to enhance operational efficiency, even in non-customer-facing areas.


If a user has signed in with their email address, but connected with different devices, then we’ll recognize that it was the same person and display the MAC addresses of the various devices.

Authentication will work for the first time only. The second time a different user comes and provides the same email address they won’t receive verification email, since the email is validated already.

Usually in a PDF, JPEG, or PNG, but also in whatever is easier for you to annotate in a floor plan. The number of APs you’re procuring is crucial too. We also need the unique addresses of the MACs, so it is easy for us to triangulate. This is all customizable.

We can perform both virtual and pre-engine API integration, but we recommend pre-engine integration over virtual. This is because pre-engine allows us to draw raw data from our algorithm which gives us more options when drawing the zones, calibrating data, setting up AP placement within the floor plans, or setting the signal strength with the data.

The average range of an AP radius is 50-75 sq ft so an accuracy of 3-5 meters that we’ve studied by the physical mapping of the APs. All those things contribute to the accuracy. We map through the floor plan; from there we map the zones accordingly. When working on WiFi data as a solution, we often work with optimization as a solution. APs overlap and this is relegated during the onboarding.

Incoming responses are not stored by Aislelabs. If your customer wants incoming email, they will need to setup a reply-to email address. This will be their email id where they want to receive the incoming emails.

If Google Voice can receive the SMS as a regular phone number carrier, users should be able to perform SMS logins using Google Voice. However, it is also mentioned some SMS gateways do not support sending messages to all Google Voice numbers, so messages might not get through.

Aislelabs doesn’t scrub phone numbers. The only way to get better quality phone numbers is to enable OTP based phone number authentication. The client will have to pay for the SMS charges to send OTP.

With MAC randomization, Aislelabs tracks MAC IDs and stores our own anonymized version of it. MAC randomization is not a default setting on iPhones and if that visitor has connected to the guest WiFi, then that would solve the issue, as MAC IDs are constant per SSID.

Aislelabs supports many types of authentication methods such as general username and password, social media, SMS, email verification, WhatsApp, and custom web forms. Customers can choose from a list of fields to include in the form (first name, last name, date of birth, mobile number, email, postcode, gender etc). All selected fields can be either mandatory or optional. As a minimum, the form requires only one field, which can be an email address.

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