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Email List Hygiene — Part 5: Keeping Your Lists Clean

This is the final part in our five part email list hygiene series. Part one covered the difference between a spam filter and a spam trap and how they’re used together while part two detailed five points on how to keep your text …

How Christmas and Holidays Can Increase Sales Year Round

Ah, December! The best month out of the year for sales at shopping centres, retail outlets, and restaurants. With so many customers visiting physical stores and spaces you have an incredible opportunity to capture customer data and understand your customer interests …

December 2019 Product Updates

This has been a big year for us as we expanded our operations in the Middle East and Europe throughout 2019. We also made some meaningful promotions and organizational changes including the creation of a product consulting team to build …

Email List Hygiene — Part 4: Scheduling Best Practices

In part one of this series on email list hygiene, we covered the difference between a spam filter and a spam trap and how they’re used together. Part two detailed five points on how to keep your text clean and …

We’ve Collaborated with Cisco to Launch Three Flow Apps for Cisco DNA Spaces

Working with Cisco, we’re launching three of our Flow applications on Cisco DNA Spaces App Center. We are excited to announce we are collaborating with Cisco to launch three of our enterprise-grade Aislelabs Flow applications on Cisco DNA Spaces App …

How Buses, Motor Coaches, and Transportation Leverage WiFi for Marketing and Analytics

Many buses now feature onboard WiFi to better serve their passengers. While it provides guests with high-speed access to the internet, it also opens new horizons for bus services to market to their passengers. In order for bus, motor coach, …

How WiFi on Cruise Ships Optimize Efficiency, Increase Revenue, and Drive Marketing

Cruise ships have a unique business model with unique needs. As revenue is predominantly generated from the amenities aboard offered to guests for an extra fee, it is crucial to understand who they are and how they interact with the …

How to Use Black Friday to Engage Customers with Big Data

Black Friday has become the sales day of the year around the world presenting a wonderful opportunity for shopping centres, retail outlets, and restaurants. The event attracts many customers to physical stores and spaces making it an opportune time to …

November 2019 Product Updates

We pride ourselves in building features and enhancements which our users want most. Here are the updates from our November release:   Identify Your Most Valuable Tenants “When a mall operator uses advanced analytics to select tenants, optimize mall layout, …

Aislelabs Releases New Tablez Case Study for the F&B Industry

Aislelabs has put together a brand new case study based on Middle East Food & Beverage Client Tablez. We are excited to release a brand new case study with our partner Tablez, the multi-brand retail arm belonging to the $7.4 …


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