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Do Offline Retailers Have an Advantage over Online Retailers? The Answer Might Surprise You!

For the brick-and-mortar retailer in today’s digital age, there is a lot of doom-and-gloom regarding physical retail. The reality is, however, that 90% of consumer spending is still happening in brick-and-mortar stores in comparison to online retailers. Despite this, there’s no …

Come Visit Us at RECon 2018 in Las Vegas: May 20 – 23!

Aislelabs is heading to the RECon The Global Retail Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Convention Center! The convention runs from May 20 to the 23rd and is the world’s largest global gathering of retail real estate …

Aislelabs Introduces Customer Hub for Enterprise

Fixing the fragmented customer data problem with Aislelabs Customer Hub. Customer data fragmentation is an enormous issue in enterprise organizations when it comes to data collected from multiple touch-points in different systems. Data silos are what separates you from a …

Should You Buy a Restaurant Franchise — Part 2: Reasons You Should be a Franchisee

In part one of our series on whether you should be a restaurant franchisee, we went over all of the pitfalls and reasons someone shouldn’t. Of course, owning one isn’t all bad and there are, in fact, a lot of …

Should You Buy a Restaurant Franchise — Part 1: Reasons Not To

Being a restaurateur is an exciting prospect but anyone who has looked into it or worked in the food business knows it’s also a lot of work. When trying to assess what kind of restaurant you want to open up …

How Can A Restaurateur Find Out Who Their Customers Are?

As a restaurateur you see numerous customers visit and dine at your venues on a daily basis. However, odds are, you have limited information regarding who they are, where they live, their demographics, contact information, and interests. These are valuable …

Creating Customer Experience: Part 3 — Automation & Measurement

This is the third and final part of our series on creating a personalized customer experience for your guests. In part one we covered the importance of personalization and collecting data on your customers. Part two introduced how to use …

Creating Customer Experience: Part 2 — Generating & Delivering Content

In part one of this three part series on customer experience, we covered the importance of personalization and collecting data on your customers to increase consumer satisfaction. The first touch-point of personalizing the customer experience for your guests were your …

Creating Customer Experience: Part 1 — Collecting Data

The customer experience is what differentiates offline retail from online e-commerce. Understanding your customers is incredibly important and shopper engagement is crucial in this era of online shopping. Retailers who successfully leverage what Amazon and other online retailers don’t have …

Aislelabs Privacy Now Fulfills EU’s GDPR Compliance (General Data Protection Regulation) Guidelines

We have now improved our security and privacy policies for complete GDPR compliance. Aislelabs has always been forward facing when it comes to privacy compliance with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario recognizing us as a Privacy by Design …

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