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Aislelabs WiFi Marketing

Aislelabs for Tradeshow Exhibitors

Wi-Fi Powered Insights for Tradeshow Exhibitors

Wi-Fi Powered Insights for Tradeshow Exhibitors

Quantify event attendance. Understand dwell times. Justify your marketing budget – and its increase.
Tradeshow Exhibitors

Trusted by Tradeshow Marketers to Help Provide Their ROI

For Marketing

Helping Tradeshow Exhibitors Market Better

Significantly expand your email marketing list, while reducing email acquisition costs.
Prove event ROI and increase the value of your loyalty program.





Repeat Purchase

Turn Free WiFi into a Marketing Engine
Use Tradeshow Exhibitor CAPTURE to increase email marketing list size 10x at 1/5th the cost compared to other channels, acquire rich segmentation attributes unavailable anywhere else, and launch a new tenant advertising revenue stream.
wifi capture marketing
wifi loyalty program
Loyalty Program Integration
Increase Your Loyalty Program’s Value
Greatly increase your loyalty program size by connecting it to free WiFi access while increasing its value by making faster internet, for longer, a benefit of joining your loyalty program.
Increase Return Visits and
Reward Loyalty
With the Aislelabs platform, send real-time, visit-triggered messages to the 3 critical visitor personas: new visitors, high frequency return visitors and long absence visitors.
wifi connected rewards emails
Pricing for Tradeshow Exhibitors

Heard of WiFi Marketing for Tradeshow Exhibitors?

Heard of WiFi Marketing for Tradeshow Exhibitors? It’s a tactic used by tradeshow marketers that want to turn their WiFi expense from a cost center to a profit center. At the point of access, there are additional features and steps to deanonymize users and build critical contact and persona information.

Is your marketing team ready to turn your free WiFi offering into a critical, high ROI marketing channel?

Ready to see Aislelabs's platform for Tradeshow Exhibitors?

For Analytics

Helping Improve Analytics

Critical dwell time metrics from WiFi hardware you already have.
Understand event performance. Identify which event space has the highest engagement.

Dwell Time Insights
Understand How Long Booth Visitors are Staying
By combining unique WiFi data with machine learning, Aislelabs provides critical dwell time intelligence for your booth.
dwell time and footfall count metrics
wifi event analytics
Event Performance Insights
Compare Performance Across Events
Install Aislelabs at multiple events and begin to track performance across events, helping justify investments in the best events.
Understand How Each Part of the Exhibit Space Performs
Every square meter (or foot) counts in your space. Using Aislelabs, instantly understand how visitors engage with each part of the booth, allowing for future improvements.
airport tenant analytics
Pricing for Tradeshow Exhibitors

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