Infographic showing how Aislelabs' retargeting ad works
  • Behavioural retargeting is a familiar concept in online advertising. For example, after a user visits a shoe website, they’ll see an ad for the same shoe brand as they navigate to other websites.
  • Aislelabs brings the same behavioural retargeting to offline brick-and-mortar sites. As the user visits a physical venue, such as a retail store in a mall, retargeting can influence them with online ads. The ad delivery is personalized to the user and their visit behaviour. Real-time targeting allows influencing the user while they are still on site or after they have left.
  • Behavioural retargeting is a cost-effective way to drive more footfall traffic and to convert visit intent into action driven revenue.

Why it matters

  • Retarget visitors after they leave your store or property
  • Influence visitors to return back to your property and increase footfall
  • Identify and target visitors based on their behaviour, as first-time, frequent and lapsed
  • Measure the ROI of a campaign and get a 360 degree view of online and offline conversions
  • Connect a visitor’s online persona with their in-store visits
  • Optimize paid media buy for campaigns across ad exchanges and earned media campaigns in one platform
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Facebook Audience Network

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Google Ads

  • Aislelabs integration with Google’s ad network lets you target and drive visitors to your malls, stores, or venues with advertisements across the entire Google network. This includes reach to all Google Search ads, YouTube ads, and a network of 13.4 million third-party websites and apps.
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  • Easily integrate users from Aislelabs’ platform to retarget across AdRoll’s network of 200+ leading exchanges across the web and mobile including Microsoft and AOL.