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How Captive Portals Can Supercharge Your Guest WiFi

How Cative Portals Can Supercharge Your Guest WifI

Captive portals are a web page that requires a user action to authenticate before they can access the internet. They are a consistent and easy method of getting consent from visitors, to gather information, as well as helping to build intelligence on potential customers. Used at public venues, restaurants, malls, or other space where a […]

How to Utilize Aislelabs to Drive App Downloads

In-store apps are a fantastic way to engage with your customers. Many customers use smartphones and tablets while they are at a store to enhance their shopping experience or research products. The opportunity this affords retailers allows them to increase brand loyalty by creating an app that offers rewards, discounts, and other means of communicating […]

What is Social WiFi Marketing and How Can it Help You Grow Your Business

Many venues now offer access to the internet via their WiFi network. Whether a retail store, restaurant, hotel, airport, shopping mall, or even a stadium they all tend to provide a wireless connection to the world wide web for free. And customers routinely sign-in giving brick-and-mortar companies an opportunity to target customers with WiFi marketing. […]

What is Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth has been around for a long time, and nearly all new computers and phones have Bluetooth capabilities built in. We all have been using this technology for pairing our headphones, car stereo systems, and wireless keyboard & mouse. The original protocol, now known as Bluetooth Classic, was developed in the late nineties for portable […]