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Aislelabs WiFi Marketing

Hardware Type

People Counter

Power your Aislelabs Experience with Axper

Power your Aislelabs Experience with Axper

Aislelabs Works with Axper

Aislelabs integrates with Axper APIs and works with Xovis, Hella types of hardware

Supported People Counter Models

Below is a list of more popular, supported Axper models.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aislelabs modify my Axper networks?

No, Aislelabs will not alter your networks. You retain control over network management, configuration, and oversight through your Axper controller. Aislelabs solely adjusts your guest policies to establish connections with our cloud.

What adjustments will Aislelabs make to my Axper controller?

Aislelabs may configure existing Axper settings within the ‘guest policies’ section of your controller. Any modifications made will not impact on the fundamental functioning of your controller.

How does Aislelabs authenticate Axper guest devices?

Upon successful guest login to your WiFi, Aislelabs promptly communicates with Axper to authenticate the guest’s device, granting full internet access.

Is Aislelabs compatible with all versions of Axper controllers?

Absolutely, Aislelabs seamlessly integrates with Axper controller versions. We consistently conduct proactive testing of new controller updates, ensuring clients can update their controllers without any concerns.

Will Aislelabs configure all sites in my Axper controller?

Upon the initial connection of your Axper controller, you have the flexibility to choose which sites you wish to activate Aislelabs on. You can subsequently enable the portal on the wireless networks within the selected site.

How can I grant Aislelabs access to my Axper controller?

To facilitate configuration and management of the Axper guest device authentication, you need to create a new controller user specifically for Aislelabs.

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