Supercharge Your Digital Marketing

Supercharge your digital marketing

  • Grow your customer database with marketing opt-ins from a large number of in-store shoppers.
  • Use the enterprise-grade, self-serve wifi marketing for retail platform to enable campaigns across Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram Audience Network, Pinterest Ads, Email, and many other digital venues. Re-target shoppers based on behaviour and increase in-store visits in a proven way. Influence their visit and behaviour in a completely non-intrusive way.
Understand and Delight Your Shoppers

Understand and delight your shoppers

  • Obtain detailed shopper data and marketing consent as they connect to your in-store WiFi. Drastically improve WiFi experience by enabling one-click connectivity, eliminating lengthy forms and antiquated login screens. Let shoppers connect once to seamlessly use WiFi across all your stores both now and in future visits.
  • Know visitor demographics such as age, gender, and interests in relation to their behaviour. Take action on data collected with the WiFi marketing solution to delight your shoppers and market to them in a personalized manner.
Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Measure campaign effectiveness

  • Analyze and measure the ROI of each digital campaign. No more guesswork. Identify the precise footfall traffic coming to your stores attributed to a specific digital campaign.
  • Allocate your marketing spending intelligently. Refine and relaunch campaigns with real-time insights and hyper-targeting the right shopper audience.
Break Silos with Powerful Data Integrations

Break silos with powerful data integrations

  • Convert your shoppers into loyal customers. Add hundreds of thousands of new opt-ins to your CRM.
  • Integrate with your corporate data warehouse and CRM systems. Use powerful APIs to connect with any internal database or use pre-existing connectors to Salesforce, Adobe, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, and other popular vendor solutions.
Run Surveys and Collect Feedback

Run surveys and collect feedback

  • Gather feedback from visitors to your stores as they shop or after they exit. Know what they like and pinpoint concerns for improvement.
  • Run surveys when shoppers finish connecting to your WiFi or after their visits. Customize questionnaires based on behaviour and demographics. Make surveys relevant to each store location.

Why it matters

  • Increase repeat footfall, and your bottom line, by influencing shoppers to visit again
  • Measure effectiveness and ROI of campaigns not just as online clicks, but the actual number of visits to your brick and mortar stores
  • Understand your shopper with data on age, gender, interests, behaviour and preferences
  • Re-target shoppers across all digital channels both in-store and after their visit
  • Grow your CRM and loyalty program with hundreds of thousands of new signups
  • Delight your shoppers with easy, streamlined one-click WiFi connectivity