MikroTik + Aislelabs: Social WiFi and Analytics

Aislelabs provides turn-key analytics, captive portals, and social WiFi solutions integrating seamlessly with MicroTik infrastructure. Aislelabs is a MicroTik partner and trusted by customers in retail, airport, food & beverage, and hospitality industries worldwide.

Aislelabs Connect supports customizable WiFi captive portals with numerous authentication options when deployed with MicroTik infrastructures. Venue owners can create a WiFi sign-in experience for users with authentication options from social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, Weibo, WeChat, and VK along with SMS authentication and form-based options on the splash page.

The Aislelabs Campaign product allows for customer engagement and personalized marketing using collected data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Weibo, email, and phone SMS. Multiple marketing channels including email, surveys, and advertising are available to engage with customers.