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Aislelabs Announces Seamless Integration of TripAdvisor Review Express with Location-Triggered SMS Marketing

Aislelabs Announces Seamless Integration of TripAdvisor Review Express with Location-Triggered SMS Marketing



Toronto, ON, January 18, 2018 – Aislelabs, a leading provider of Location-Triggered SMS Marketing and WiFi Email Capture, is thrilled to unveil the integration of TripAdvisor Review Express with their innovative suite of services. This collaboration allows businesses in the hospitality industry to enhance their online presence and customer engagement.

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest premium travel and restaurant review website, boasts over 500 million reviews. Aislelabs, recognizing the significance of this platform, is excited to offer native integration with their social WiFi platform. Venues such as restaurants and hotels can now seamlessly connect with their patrons, understand customer behavior, and elevate service quality.

How Integration Works

Integrating Aislelabs with TripAdvisor Review Express is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit and search for your business.
  2. Click on “Use Review Express” and then select “Opt In Now” under the Automate tab.
  3. Choose Aislelabs as your connectivity partner and agree to the terms of service.

Upon integration, Aislelabs enables businesses to leverage the TripAdvisor Review Express functionality to its fullest extent. When users log onto the guest WiFi at an Aislelabs-enabled location, their demographic and contact information, including email addresses, are collected. This data is then sent to TripAdvisor, triggering an email to customers, urging them to rate their recent experience. This streamlined process accelerates the accumulation of reviews on the platform.

Driving Visits Through Reviews

Reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor are powerful tools for business promotion. Aislelabs’ integration with TripAdvisor Review Express simplifies the process of encouraging customers to leave reviews. Building a substantial number of reviews creates a positive feedback loop, fostering increased sales and bookings.

The integration also complements Aislelabs’ Smart Surveys, an advanced digital online survey service. This feature allows businesses to assess overall customer satisfaction and guide patrons towards sharing their opinions online.

Aislelabs Location-Triggered SMS Marketing, coupled with TripAdvisor integration, empowers businesses to harness the potential of guest reviews. Beyond that, Connect facilitates the collection of guest demographics, builds a comprehensive CRM, and enables the creation of targeted marketing campaigns to enhance customer retention and acquisition.

For businesses looking to amplify their online presence and customer engagement, Aislelabs’ integration with TripAdvisor Review Express is a game-changer.


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