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Aislelabs Clinches 2018 National Retail Innovation Award

Aislelabs Clinches 2018 National Retail Innovation Award



Halifax, Canada, November 7, 2018 — Aislelabs, a prominent player in the retail technology space, proudly announces its recent triumph at the annual National Retail Innovation Awards, held at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. The Sobey School of Business, known for its dedication to advancing retail and service management in Canada, bestowed upon Aislelabs the prestigious 2018 Retail Technology Innovation award during the ceremony on November 2nd, 2018.

The National Retail Innovation Awards, organized by the Sobey School of Business, aim to recognize and celebrate organizations demonstrating exceptional contributions within the retail sector. Aislelabs stood out among its peers, securing the esteemed award for its enterprise-grade solution, Aislelabs People Counting and WiFi Email Capture, which offer unparalleled business intelligence solutions to companies and retailers.

Aislelabs People Counting, the flagship product, empowers businesses with actionable insights on visitor behavior inside and outside venues. It provides a comprehensive view of visitor metrics, including first-time vs. repeat visitors, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, real-time heatmaps, and the complete conversion funnel. Companies can set and compare the performance of their campaigns with this robust tool.

WiFi Email Capture, another pioneering product by Aislelabs, engages customers at a personal level by offering one-click access to free WiFi through popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and email. The platform delivers actionable insights into customer demographics, including age, gender, location, interests, and preferences. With Aislelabs WiFi Email Capture, businesses can monetize guest WiFi, create multi-channel marketing campaigns via email, SMS, and social posts, conduct targeted digital advertising for specific customer groups, and implement rule-based marketing for real-time personalized communication.

The Sobey School of Business, known for its commitment to advancing retail and service management in Canada, is the sole Canadian university center focusing on retailing and services. The David Sobey Centre, a key component of the Sobey School, plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Canadian retailers through multidisciplinary research, innovative programs, and executive education initiatives.

The David Sobey Centre, with researchers spanning various disciplines including business, engineering, psychology, computing, and geography, collaborates with retailers on diverse projects, such as research initiatives, case studies, hackathons, and consulting projects. Both graduate and undergraduate students actively participate in or contribute to these projects, fostering a collaborative environment that drives innovation within the retail sector.

Aislelabs’ recognition at the National Retail Innovation Awards underscores the company’s commitment to advancing retail technology and providing cutting-edge solutions to the industry. This prestigious accolade acknowledges Aislelabs as a leader in retail innovation, setting new standards for excellence within the sector.


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