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Aislelabs Showcased in Aruba’s Tech Partner Podcast, Highlighting 7-Year Collaboration and 15,000+ Access Points Deployment

Aislelabs Showcased in Aruba’s Tech Partner Podcast, Highlighting 7-Year Collaboration and 15,000+ Access Points Deployment



Toronto, ON, November 25, 2021 — Aislelabs, a leading provider of location intelligence and customer data solutions, recently took center stage in the Aruba Tech Partner podcast. The episode featured Carly Hunt, Technology Partner Manager at Aruba, and Nishanth Bharadwaj from Aislelabs, delving into their combined value propositions, addressing pain points for brick-and-mortar enterprises, and exploring the evolution of their longstanding partnership.

For over seven years, Aislelabs and Aruba have cultivated a fruitful collaboration, deploying joint solutions across 15,000+ Access Points (AP) spanning four continents. The discussion highlighted the transformative impact of Aislelabs’ products on Aruba APs, turning them into advanced sensors capable of generating valuable insights. These insights include location intelligence, marketing automation, and a robust Customer Data Platform.

The joint solutions empower brick-and-mortar businesses to visualize the entire customer journey, encompassing both offline behavior and online interactions. This addresses critical questions such as trends affecting footfall, the influx of new and returning customers, cross-location visitations within a portfolio, footfall and dwell time distribution across different areas, and the impact of marketing campaigns and promotions on foot traffic.

Aislelabs and Aruba’s collaboration extends beyond technology to provide a comprehensive Partner Solution Overview. This document outlines their unique value proposition, providing partners and resellers with a detailed understanding of the integrated offerings.

“Navigating the landscape of brick-and-mortar enterprises requires innovative solutions, and our enduring partnership with Aruba has been pivotal in addressing the evolving needs of our clients,” remarked Nishanth Bharadwaj, representing Aislelabs during the podcast.

For further information on Aislelabs and Aruba’s joint solutions, please refer to the Partner Solution Overview available on both companies’ websites.


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Aislelabs is the leading retail tech platform serving 300+ customers across 5 continents. Through our AI-powered technology, we help built environment marketers turn Wi-Fi, a traditional cost center, into a profit center, as well as their highest ROI marketing channel. We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with teams spread around the world.

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