Transform your Guest WiFi into a powerful marketing tool

Engage your customers at a personal level by offering one-click access to your free WiFi via Facebook, Twitter, email and other popular social sites. Gain actionable insights into who your customers are, including their age, gender, location, interests, and what they like, all within the Aislelabs Connect platform.

Monetize your guest WiFi and create multi-channel marketing campaigns with email, SMS, and social posts. Conduct targeted digital advertising for select customer groups. Use rule-based marketing platform for real-time personalized communication.

Cloud based WiFi marketing for everyone

WiFi marketing for small and medium businesses.

Next Generation WiFi Marketing's
  • Marketing on the leading-edge

    Engage your customers in brand new ways by running targeted campaigns and precisely time surveys.
  • Effortless sign-in

    Logging in to your guest WiFi will be a breeze for your customers. Make lengthy forms and tedious sign-ups a thing of the past.
  • Start today absolutely free

    Get started quickly without the need for any new hardware. We work with your existing devices and no new equipment is required.


  • Customizable splash page design featuring your logo and branding with support for different languages. Easily customize the captive portal with built in templates.
  • Support for different social sign-in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and more. Choose between social login, email, SMS, employee-only, and other authentications.
  • Create multi-channel marketing with support for instant emails, SMS, personalized newsletters, social posts, or paid media ads. Conduct online surveys and gather feedback.
  • Understand visitor behaviour through demographic information such as age, gender, location, interests, and more. Compare statistics across time and multiple locations.
  • Build customer loyalty by adding thousand of new customers to your CRM database and grow your campaign lists. Get marketing opt-ins from all subscribing customers.
  • Proven to bring visitors back to the venue and increase repeat customers. High open rates and high repeat rates for campaigns using social WiFi lists.

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Free Standard Enterprise
No catch  From $100/mo(billed annually) Contact us 
WiFi AccessNumber of visitors who can access the guest WiFi network Unlimited Unlimited Premium onboarding and support
Splash PageCustomizable splash page with multilingual options and support for popular social networks and form based connections Enterprise SLA
Data AnalyticsUnderstand your visitor demographics including age, gender, location, interests, and more Unlimited CSV exports and API access
User ProfilesAccess the complete list of user profiles who have connected to your network LimitedView 10 recent profiles at once Regional social networks and SMS support
Full featured email and social marketingCreate sophisticated email marketing campaigns for your visitors   Targeted demographic filter options
SurveysGenerate precisely timed surveys for visitor feedback   Customize reporting and advanced analytics

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