First marketing automation platform for the real world.

Easily create marketing messages using an intuitive template-based UI. Deliver real-time push notifications to shoppers as they walk inside or near your stores. Use a cloud based intelligence engine to personalize the messages based on millions of data points about individual shopper profiles, precise locations, and store traffic flow. Create objective-driven campaigns with simple configurable parameters based on your business needs. Receive insightful reports on the performance of campaigns.

Transform your stores into smart stores and turn every square inch of real estate into a context-sensitive marketing medium. Engage and reward your customers by offering a memorable shopping experience.



iBeacon Management

Aislelabs uses Bluetooth 4.0 based iBeacons for precise indoor location along with GPS and WiFi technology. Our mobile SDK supports both Android and iOS to push relevant notifications.
  • Online console to manage all deployed beacons with floor plans across geographies.
  • Secure iBeacon solution with built in privacy and spoof protection.
  • Active monitoring of battery and location of all iBeacons in the field with alert notifications.
  • Selection of high quality in-expensive hardware with long battery life.
Extend your Marketing Cloud to physical stores Extend your Marketing Cloud to physical stores Get holistic customer profile across online and offline stores for intelligent targeting.
Mobile SDK Mobile SDK Just drag and drop our SDK in your project, and you are ready to go. Available for both iOS and Android.
Marketing Automation for the offline world Marketing Automation for the offline world Effective automated campaigns powered by big data analytics.
Easy Geofences Easy Geofences Create custom geofences, using GPS, WiFi and iBeacon proximity.
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