Cloud based location analytics to understand the behaviour of your customers

Flow is the most advanced cloud-based location analytics platform for brick-and-mortars on the market. Powered by AI and machine learning, it provides actionable insights and complete visibility on all visitor behaviour at one or more locations.

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Advanced location intelligence features

Analyze the end-to-end visitor journey.

Next-gen business intelligence

Next-gen business intelligence

Enterprise grade location analytics and business intelligence for brick-and-mortars.

80+ detailed reports

80+ detailed reports

Reveal key performance metrics, from dwell time to heatmaps, across multiple locations in 80+ reports.

Frictionless data acquisition

Frictionless data acquisition

No action needed by end-users. Analyze visitors including those who do not connect to WiFi.

Space-level analysis

Space-level analysis

Precise space level data to uncover surprising insights for each individual space, zone, and area.

Hundreds of metrics

Hundreds of metrics

Slice and dice hundreds of metrics across 80+ customizable interactive reports.

Hardware agnostic

Hardware agnostic

Works with existing wireless infrastructure, cameras, and sensors. No new hardware needed.

Industries we work with

Scalable platform for brick-and-mortar enterprises.

Fully integrate all sources of data

Unified analytics by combining WiFi, cameras, and sensors.

Behavioural analytics for enterprises
  • WiFi access points

  • Cameras

  • Sensors

  • People counters

Enterprise grade scalability

Purpose built for the largest global businesses.

  • discover Discover the complete customer journey using persistent identity in spaces that are thousands to millions of square feet in size
  • discover Automatically set each independent location to their local time zone and easily understand customer data at specific times of day.
  • discover Optimize staff and resources using predictive intelligence generated from historical data collected by the platform.
  • Enterprise grade.svg Enterprise grade platform that seamlessly scales across large national or global portfolios in a single unified dashboard.
  • Enterprise grade.svg Measure footfall and visitor behaviour across multiple properties to reveal data-driven insight for management.
  • Enterprise grade.svg Gain insights on measurable metrics across your portfolio to empower leasing teams to identify and attract the right retail mix.

Features our clients love

The most feature rich platform available on the planet. If you can dream it, we can build it.

For Executives

  • Unified interactive

    Unified interactive dashboard

    Flow features hundreds of metrics and 80+ detailed reports in a centralized and easy to use cloud-based interface.

  • Across a portfolio

    Compare across a portfolio

    Compare key metrics across hundreds of properties to develop new actionable plans and attract more visitors to each property.

  • Conversion funnels

    Conversion funnels

    Visualize changes in new customers, engagement, dwell time, and repeat visits attributed to your campaigns.

Built for data hungry analysts

  • Conversions and dwell times

    Conversions and dwell times

    Get detailed information on customer loyalty and the average length of a visit broken down into meaningful groups.

  • Detailed footfall analytics

    Detailed footfall analytics

    Analyze and discover correlations and trends between retail spaces to understand conversion rates that empower various marketing initiatives.

  • Comprehensive filtering

    Comprehensive filtering

    Run complex reports with any combination of visitor behaviour filters including paths they take, spaces they visit, time they spent, or their demographics.

  • Segment locations

    Segment locations into zones and areas

    Create customized areas and zones on your floor plan to obtain detailed flow and presence metrics for customers within each space.

  • traffic monitoring

    Real-time traffic monitoring with alerts

    Keep tabs on real-time traffic and visitor behaviour as well as set up email and SMS alerts for triggerable events such as occupancy capacity warnings.

Extend your analytics further

  • Integrate APIs

    Integrate with other software using APIs

    Integrate Aislelabs Flow with business intelligence solutions, boarding pass systems, POS, and other platforms for endless flexibility.

  • Aislelabs Connect

    Go further with Aislelabs Connect

    Create advanced marketing with Aislelabs Connect, combining captured customer data with Flow's behavioural information.

  • Weather

    External factors and weather impact

    Understand how weather and traffic affect visitor count and flow as visualized through a built-in calendar view.

Secure and flexible technical platform

  • Military grade security

    Military grade security

    Your records and data are kept safe through high-grade, sophisticated security and encryption.

  • Enterprise level

    Enterprise level white-glove service

    Personalized customer service with a dedicated customer success manager who understands your unique business needs.

  • Your data is yours

    Your data is yours

    Aislelabs gives you full 100% data ownership. We will never sell or share your information with any third party without your permission.

AI/ML algorithms

  • Remote calibration of accuracy

    Remote calibration of accuracy

    Remotely calibrate and get started within minutes. Option to boost accuracy even further via on-site fingerprinting.

  • Clean data with machine learning and AI

    Clean data with machine learning and AI

    Analyze and clean data with AI and machine learning algorithms to remove noise and boost accuracy.

  • Remediation and AIOps

    Remediation and AIOps

    Use machine learning algorithms to automatically surface and retroactively correct errors.

  • Smart Fill

    Smart Fill

    Self-heal gaps in data due to downtime and maintain the integrity of your data.