Indoor Wayfinding for Your App

Advanced location technology to enable accurate maps and positioning in your app. Integrate with any Android or iOS app via drag-and-drop mobile SDK. Combine the power of iBeacon Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies to get the most accurate indoor location. Deploy and manage everything via easy to use cloud-hosted infrastructure. Configure and change floor plans anytime from web dashboards without having to update the app.

Integrated Wi-Fi + Beacon location triangulation technology optimized for venues, malls, airports, stores, attractions and indoor spaces. High accuracy positioning with turn-by-turn directions in an enterprise grade platform.


You Are Here

iBeacon guides smartphones with precise location in indoor locations. Bring the power of iBeacon proximity and Wi-Fi triangulation to your app. Aislelabs Navigate is an ideal solution for any venue owner looking to better serve the visitors via a real-time mobile mapping application.
  • Feature-rich mobile SDK for iOS and Android.
  • Easy integration of you-are-here functionality with any smartphone app.
  • Combines Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for most accurate indoor location.
  • Cloud based enterprise platform for unified location and analytics.

Guide Visitors in Your Venue

Elevate the visitor experience by empowering them with real-time indoor navigation.

Add Location to Your App

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  • Customizable in Your App Aislelabs Navigate does the heavylifting of determining the location. You customize the rest.
  • Easy to Implement Works with different technologies, making it easy to implement in all environments.
  • Fully-Integrated Platform for Enterprises Easy to use cloud system backed by robust and scalable enterprise-grade proximity technology platform.


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