Aislelabs provides turn-key analytics, captive portal, and social Wi-Fi solutions with Meraki access points.

The Aislelabs Flow product works seamlessly with Cisco Meraki utilizing API integrations and no new hardware installation is required in a venue for deployment of Aislelabs’ solution. This enables venues with Meraki APs to view setup deep analytics with heatmaps, footfall and dwell time analytics within minutes.

The Aislelabs Social Wi-Fi product supports customizable Wi-Fi captive portal with numerous authentication options when deployed with Cisco Meraki infrastructure. Venue owners can create Wi-Fi sign-in experience for users, with authentication with social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Weibo, WeChat, VK along with SMS authentication and form-based options. The system can be deployed within minutes by using Meraki’s cloud based dashboard to collect valuable demographic and marketing information from visitors.