Commscope + Aislelabs: Social WiFi and Analytics

Aislelabs products seamlessly integrate with Ruckus Wireless (Arris Group) infrastructure. Aislelabs is a Ruckus SPoT (Smart Positioning Technology) Location Ecosystem partner and trusted by customers in retail, food & beverage, and hospitality industries worldwide.

The Aislelabs Flow product works with all models of Commscope APs. The connection between Aislelabs and Commscope APs can be conducted by using either raw location data feeds or processed ones from SPoT. Both on-premise and cloud-based versions including vSPoT are fully compatible.

The Aislelabs Social WiFi and Connect products provide WiFi marketing with customizable splash pages, social logins, and campaign features. Captive portals can be customized to support login via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Weibo, VK, email, SMS, and a number of other channels.

Customers can use Aislelabs to build a database of loyal visitors as part of their CRM as well as execute effective marketing, targeted digital advertising, and online surveys.