Enterprise mobile wallet marketing platform with iBeacon location and social sharing

Create mobile wallet coupons and Apple's Passbook passes using an intuitive campaign creator. Manage a catalogue of all passes and coupons in a cloud-managed dashboard. Effortlessly share everything on social properties, including Facebook and Twitter. Attribute marketing back to source channel, i.e., email campaigns, social media marketing, and physical displays. Get detailed reports with insights on performance of campaigns.

Target audience based on precise location and behaviour. Integrate with iBeacon and bluetooth smart for precise indoor proximity. Engage and reward your shoppers by enabling a rich and memorable shopping experience.


iBeacon Without Needing an App

iBeacon guides smartphones with precise location in indoor locations. Bring the power of iBeacon proximity to your marketing content without requiring any app. Aislelabs Pass is an ideal solution if your organization does not have a mobile app.
  • Feature-rich integration with iOS Passbook and several other leading mobile wallets.
  • Secure iBeacon solution with built in privacy and spoof protection.
  • Deliever pass to visitors as they visit your stores.
  • Cloud-based beacon management with built-in privacy and spoof protection.

Online campaigns for Offline Results

Drive up sales and conceive amazing in-store exeprience by engaging online followers.

Distribute Content Effortlessly

Social Sharing of Passbook Pass
  • Social Marketing Distribute your content via Facebook, Twitter and other social channels.
  • Campaign Microsites and Email Built-in integration with web microsites and email marketing.
  • Fully-Integrated Platform for Enterprises Easy to use user interface backed by robust and scalable enterprise-grade proximity marketing platform.
Pass Designer Create pass templates and coupons in a fully customizable manner.
iOS and Android Works across mobile wallets including iPhone's Passbook and Samsung Wallet.
Email Distribution Bridging the gap between digitial marketing and physical stores.
Integrated Libray Single platform for managing passes and Aislelabs Engage notification library.
Intelligent Cloud Hosted in a secure scalable private cloud with big data intelligence.
Advanced Reporting Custom reporting across all sources, including social, email and in-store.
Beacon Management Effortlessly deploy and manage iBeacons across stores nationwide.
No App Needed Unlock the power of Bluetooth beacons without having to download any app.
Real-time Analytics Understand the impact of campaigns with deep granular analytics.
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