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Transaction Processing

Aislelabs and Cybersource Work Great Together

Aislelabs and Cybersource Work Great Together

Aislelabs works with Cybersource

Aislelabs + Cybersource = Transaction Processing Magic


Below is a list of the industries/verticals who most often use the Aislelabs/Cybersource software integration.
Shopping Malls, Mixed Use Retail, Multi-Location Retail, Airports, Hotels, Restaurants, Universities, Venues


Below is a list of the global regions where this Aislelabs/Cybersource integration is available.
Asia, Europe, North America, South America

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it cost me money to integrate my Cybersource account?

Integration pricing for Cybersource will vary based on the complexity and scope of the integration – many of which are already pre-built and require a light setup/initial configuration. Request a demo to kickoff a conversation and we will get you a specific price (maybe free), quickly.

Does Aislelabs require my account credentials to integrate with Cybersource?

It depends on the integration, but it’s safest to assume that your access credentials for Cybersource will be required. We prioritize the security of your data and follow industry best practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the credentials provided.

What is required from us to integrate Cybersource with Aislelabs?

Depending on the setup of the software integration, Aislelabs requires information about your existing Cybersource system, relevant APIs, and any specific business rules or requirements. Clear communication and collaboration are essential and will speed up your integration process.

Where is data stored in Aislelabs and how long is it stored for?

Data storage between Aislelabs and Cybersource are defined in accordance with industry standards and legal regulations. We prioritize data security and privacy, and details about data storage locations and retention periods will be outlined in the terms of service or data processing agreement.

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Curious About Our Hardware Integrations?

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