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August 2023 Updates

August 2023 Updates

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What’s new this month:

  • New and Improved Heatmap
  • Additional Insights on Splash Portal Use
  • Other Enhancements

Below, find more detail about this month’s new and improved features.

New and Improved Heatmap

One of the most powerful ways one can understand how your building is being used is through heatmap visualizations – where people are, over time, in the context of your floor plan.

We’ve just made that experience even better:

  • The heatmap is now front and center at the top of your dashboard
  • We’ve added the ability to control the visualization over time of the day
  • Zoom in and out, easier than ever

Additional Insights on Splash Portal Use

For advanced users, understanding the type of splash portal page can be an important optimization for your wi-fi conversion funnel. Now, you can easily understand views and views by unique user device for the specific page types of your splash portal.

Other Enhancements

  • Control the PII information collected from Splash page logins – Email/Social
  • Google authentication on Portal Editor is no longer available
  • FlightStats API Integration where FIDS feed from client is not available

Did you see the new Aislelabs Airport Solutions updates?

See you next month!

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