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November 2023 Updates

November 2023 Updates

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What’s new this month:

  • Floor Mapper – Adding New Dimensions to the Map View
  • Screen Deprecation – Streamlining the Interface
  • Smart Fill – Adding Granular Time Ranges
  • Version Sites Support for Airport Passengers – Tailored for Aviation Excellence
  • Security Enhancement to Aislelabs Connect – Prioritizing Privacy

Below, find more detail about this month’s new and improved features.

Floor Mapper – Adding New Dimensions to the Map View

With the latest updates to Floor Mapper, we have introduced new types of parameters into the Map view. Now, customers ran customize their floor plans with even more precision, adding layers of information that are crucial for efficient space management.

Whether optimizing traffic flow or highlighting specific zones, the enhanced Floor Mapper ensures a tailored experience for every customer. You can modify spaces, replace sensors, rename floors, or spaces to match the source, and much more.

This enhancement is more applicable for clients who have properties to manage with multiple access points, on multiple floors. Providing a holistic understanding of your physical spaces has taken a significant leap forward with the latest Floor Mapper update.

Floor Mapper is not just about visualizing spaces but also about harnessing the power of WiFi analytics to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Screen Deprecation – Streamlining the Interface

We understand the importance of a clutter-free workspace. So, in response to customer feedback, we have undertaken a thorough review of all modeler tabs on the platform, leading to the implementation of Screen Deprecation. Aislelabs will be reducing the number of unused modules on the left-hand side of your program, streamlining the interface, and allowing customers to focus on what matters most.

In total, 14 tabs will be removed for a cleaner and intuitive layout, ensuring a smoother workflow and a more enjoyable customer experience. Navigate effortlessly between modules, focusing on crafting targeted campaigns, analyzing customer behavior, and optimizing marketing efforts.

A more intuitive interface translates into more effective WiFi marketing strategies, ensuring that every interaction counts.

Smart Fill – Adding Granular Time Ranges

The susceptibility of hardware to downtime is universal, and individual access points (APs), or even multiple APs, may experience disruptions ranging from a few hours to several days. This downtime poses a significant challenge as it hinders the collection of crucial data through these devices, consequently impacting various facets of business operations. Foremost among these challenges is the deprivation of access to vital information for marketing and operations teams.

The idea behind this feature is that when the APs or the network on the client end goes down and Aislelabs do not receive data, we can use the Smart Fill feature to add data for the missing date range. With this release we are not limited to Smart Filling for an entire day but can now Smart Fill for even 15-min of data loss.

Aislelabs Smart Fill goes beyond merely adding historical data; it allows large enterprises to self-heal any downtime that the network experiences.

Version Sites Support for Airport Passengers – Tailored for Aviation Excellence

As part of our enhancement for the Airport Flow product, Aislelabs is introducing Version Sites support specifically designed for Airport passengers. With real-time updates, our tools now cater to the dynamic and complex environment of airports, providing an unparalleled level of service to all stakeholders.

Airport Flow enhances passenger engagement by understanding how passengers move through airport spaces. From promoting airport services to partnering with retail outlets, our airport clients use Airport Flow for not only Location-based marketing but mainly for improving operational processes.

The Version site feature allows us to make changes to the airport layout in our dashboard without the need to create a new dashboard. This ensures the previous changes are also available and the data prior to the changes can be pulled from the same dashboard. This means the same dashboard reports historical data as well the new data based on changes and customers using APIs do not have to make any changes on their end and can continue using the setup seamlessly.

Security Enhancement to Aislelabs Connect – Prioritizing Privacy

In a step towards fortifying our commitment to customer privacy, we have implemented a new security enhancement for Aislelabs Connect.

Aislelabs’ Captive Portal ( will now be rerouted through Cloudflare to enhance security. This update not only bolsters the protection of customer data but also ensures compliance with the latest industry standards.

Aislelabs customers have confidence that their data is handled with the utmost care.

This trust in security sets the foundation for businesses to explore innovative WiFi marketing approaches without compromising on data integrity. If you have any questions about this, our Technical Support has detailed information that they can share with you upon request to


These five latest enhancements improve customer experience, and open possibilities for our customers, and represent Aislelabs’ dedication to innovation and improvement.

By listening to customer feedback and staying attuned to industry trends, we aim to provide a cutting-edge experience that empowers our customers to achieve their goals efficiently and securely.

The future is exciting, and we are committed to being at the forefront of it all. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of WiFi and what our solutions can achieve.

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