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Q4 2022 Product Updates

Q4 2022 Product Updates

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What’s new:

  • Customize Icons in your Email Templates
  • Wi-Fi Login via WhatsApp
  • Error-check for Phone Numbers
  • Control Options for Video Playback
  • Redirection based on User Action
  • Exclude Users from Email Blasts

Below, find more detail about new and improved features.

Customize Icons in your Email Templates

Our Email Template Editor now flaunts the ability to add custom icons on email templates. Our users can now include a variety of icons to better illustrate their designs with images like globes, stars, links, envelopes among others making it organized, picto-graphic & appealing.

Wi-Fi Login via WhatsApp

Our newest addition is the now-live integrated WhatsApp Authentication option with guest Wi-Fi. This makes connecting to Wi-Fi more accessible to all & ensures clean data for businesses. International travellers also looking to authenticate guest Wi-Fi can now easily connect by using their WhatsApp application. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for more details on leveraging this shiny feature.

Error-check for Phone Numbers

Get rid of all the hassles faced by guests while connecting to Wi-Fi via SMS. Our Captive Portal now boasts of error-checking intelligence for phone numbers based on country code. Guests no longer must wait to realize a missed digit (or an extra one!) and will promptly be notified of the error.

Control Options for Video Playback

More options to control how and when your video plays for Wi-Fi users. Our portal editor now supports multiple settings to broaden audio options for videos, such as auto-play video, default play video on mute or unmuted, wait to redirect after video, auto redirect only after video and so on. More control over what its users see is what every business certainly wants!

Redirection based on User Action

Businesses can now leverage multiple user flows when users connect to Wi-Fi. Our Captive Portal has been upgraded to allow not just various pages and chronologies within the portal but also the ability to redirect users to the most apt URL after successful connection based on user action. Your experience design team gets exactly what they envision & users get a customized experience.

Exclude Users from Email Blasts

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create an excluded user list that would remove certain email ids or phone numbers from your target audience user list? Well, you can now! If an email ID is in the Exclude User List drop-down, they will not be sent an email from this campaign. These are apart from those that Unsubscribed.

New Success Story: How Physical Retailers Can Supercharge their Online Stores

Physical retailers are expected to maintain a strong online portal that delivers a seamless customer experience, augmenting their existing physical locations. To create a more robust presence, retailers must embrace offering unified shopping experiences as part of their strategy. Retailers have a wealth of data that they can leverage to unify the online and offline experience and drive an omni-channel strategy. The Aislelabs platform provides a Customer Data Platform that enables businesses to capture customer visits, online browsing behaviour, offline attribution, and more. Ask us about the detailed success story.

Other Enhancements

  • New API Integration: Send login records to Salesforce lightning
  • Plivo Account Access with SMS
  • Clone Events for easy updates
  • Improve SMS campaign analytics page performance
  • Improve the performance of email analytics page

Bug Fixes

  • Connect: Daily Connections summary accuracy
  • Flow: Missing heatmap from visit filters
  • Flow: Site name visibility on Dashboard page
  • Flow: Granular visit numbers of vs Daily Visit numbers
  • Connect: Email content distortion in select email clients

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