How to Use Online Surveys to Encourage Positive Reviews

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Positive online reviews can help your restaurant, cafe, pub or venue attract new customers and boost sales. As a marketing manager of a restaurant or cafe, there are a few simple ways in which you can engage and encourage existing customers to leave favourable reviews about your business.

One quick and easy method is to take advantage of online surveys. Surveys can help you gauge overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your services and can further be used to direct customers to share their opinions about your services online.

Here are some tips on conducting surveys and encouraging more customers with positive experiences to share their reviews online:

Leverage technology for collecting guest information and conduct online surveys

Traditionally, collecting customer information and conducting feedback surveys in a physical space, such as a restaurant or cafe, required manually inputting comments left on paper by customers. This method of collecting responses was time-consuming and not very effective.

With social WiFi, you can leverage technology and use it to effortlessly collect contact information of thousands of your customers. Simply enable your WiFi for guest use and on your login screen ask users to agree to receive communication from you to take surveys. This allows you to build a powerful CRM with all your customer information such as age, gender, interest, as well as provide you with a large contact list for sending out smart reviews or any other communication you’d like to share.

Guest WiFi login and CRM database

Use your WiFi to intelligently detect recent customers

Smart reviews are best sent out shortly after a customer’s visit when their visit is still fresh in their memory. Your social WiFi and marketing platform can help you detect who recently visited your business and narrow down an ideal target email contact list by letting you specify a visit date range. For example, you can set your survey to be sent to customers that connected to the guest WiFi or your cafe or restaurant within the last 90 minutes.

Create short, simple surveys

Short and simple surveys have an increased response rate. By asking your customers to answer a few quick questions, you won’t create a feeling of burden and make it more likely that they’ll respond. Some questions you can ask could include food quality, service, employees or ambiance. The simplest survey can even consist of one single question asking the customer to rate their overall experience using a 5-star or thumbs up/thumbs down rating that can be executed directly from the email.

Aside from receiving feedback about your business and customer service, surveys are useful in letting you screen for satisfied customers and encourage these to write positive online reviews. The risk of sending out a general mass email to all recent customers asking for reviews is that it may result in both positive and negative online reviews. By screening using a survey, you can encourage different behaviour based on the survey response.

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Encourage positive reviews based on positive survey answers

Enable your online questionnaire to link to further pages based on a customer’s response. For customers who rate their experiences positively, bring them to a page that suggests they leave a positive public review. Make it as easy as possible for them by providing direct links to your restaurant or cafe’s profile on popular review platforms such as Zomato or TripAdvisor. By eliminating extra steps and streamlining the process, you can encourage satisfied visitors to leave great reviews.

Public review feedback

Allow unsatisfied customers to reach out to you privately

When customers respond to your survey with lower satisfaction results, such as low star ratings or thumbs down, direct them to a private feedback channel. This can be a form that allows them to privately communicate with you directly and share their opinions. By creating a confidential feedback system and responding promptly to dissatisfied customers, you decrease the chances of a customer leaving negative public reviews and driving away potential sales from your business.

Online survey feedback

Automate your smart reviews and data metrics with a WiFi marketing platform

An intelligent social WiFi marketing platform, such as Aislelabs Connect, can easily help you accomplish all the steps above. It collects guest data, builds your CRM, logs customer visits including repeats, allows you to create email & survey campaigns, and helps redirect customers to further actionable steps such as leaving positive reviews or private feedback. Simply create an email survey campaign targeting recent visitors and watch as responses return to you.

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