Aislelabs Flow for Location Analytics and Heatmap Video Breakdown

Location analytics is revolutionizing brick-and-mortar stores as well as any other physical space that features a large number of visitors — such as a shopping mall or a sporting arena. Aislelabs Flow provides an advanced business intelligence platform and can help you understand your visitor’s footfall patterns. It collects anonymous data to measure how many people visit your venues and at which times. This gives you an understanding of how long, how often, and where your visitors spend their time at your locations.

How this all works may seem daunting to understand at first — so we’ve distilled it into an easy-to-grasp, short video explaining how it works with your existing WiFi infrastructure. In just under four minutes you’ll learn how Flow can observe key metrics across an entire physical space, allowing you to optimize it and attract more customers. Check it out!

Flow is built on our advanced, enterprise-level platform. We service multiple verticals: everything from cafes to airports to shopping malls and even sporting arenas. Gain actionable insights on customer behaviour is by anonymously triangulating the location of each mobile device, automatically obtaining location data without a visitor taking any action at all. Even better, with no need for additional hardware, you can be up and running in no time.

Flow collects no personal information and complies with privacy laws from around the world. You can also integrate point-of-sale revenue data to identify correlations between sales and footfall patterns. Integrations with weather reports, local road traffic, and traditional people and camera counters are also available. It also features live traffic with real-time information, Reports with multiple metrics, a Calendar view, and more than 80+ other reports with hundreds of metrics to choose from. Click the following link to learn more about how our cloud-based location and retail analytics can be used to understand the behaviour of your customers.

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