How WiFi on Cruise Ships Optimize Efficiency, Increase Revenue, and Drive Marketing

Cruise ships have a unique business model with unique needs. As revenue is predominantly generated from the amenities aboard offered to guests for an extra fee, it is crucial to understand who they are and how they interact with the facilities.

Their passengers also have unique needs in regards to communication with the outside world. Having access to the internet so they can receive email, post to social media, and generally connect with friends and family is crucial. Offering internet access to passengers on what amounts to a floating city just makes good business sense.

The Aislelabs platform marries both the challenges for passengers and cruise-lines in a single elegant solution. Passengers are able to access the internet and cruises are provided a comprehensive solution which can leverage artificial intelligence and machine intelligence to augment the behavioural data needs of any cruise liner. From boarding to disembarking and beyond, our Connect and Flow products provide unique solutions to maximize revenue and optimize efficiency.

Understand Passenger Journeys

Aislelabs Flow is our location analytics and location intelligence platform. It triangulates aggregate and anonymous data of where your passengers are aboard your ship. Each access point is able to fix the positions of passengers’ mobile phones from the moment they step onboard to provide behavioural analytics.

While the layout of a cruise ship influences guests to spend time at lounges, bars, and casinos by placing them between the cabins and dining area, it doesn’t reveal any information about the affinity between those amenities. Flow also works across multiple ships so you can see what the affinity between ships in your fleet are from a single dashboard.

With Flow, the passenger journey is understood at a granular level. You can understand exactly how passengers move from one spot of the ship to another and learn surprising correlations. You’ll also be able to understand what peak times are throughout the ship historically and predict exactly how much crew to have available at what time, maximizing crew operations.

Know Your Passengers

Aislelabs Connect is our guest WiFi marketing platform. It allows your passengers to connect to the WiFi via a social media account or email information and will provide you with their contact, demographic, and interests information such as age, gender, hometown, and what they like. Using this information, you can get a better understanding of who your customers are and tailor the sailing experience to them.

This can be combined with Flow to get even more granular data. You can learn what a certain group of people with common interests or demographics frequent which areas, retail stores, or lounges. Again, this can be correlated across the entire fleet of ships as well.

Online Marketing and Digital Advertising

Demographic and interests information allows you to build personas of the exact type of people who sail on your cruise lines by where they live and what they like. This allows you to create audiences you can hyper-target via digital advertising through channels such as Facebook Ads. Instead of guessing who would be interested in taking a cruise, you know the exact type of potential customers who are most likely to purchase a ticket.

Market While Passengers are Aboard

While your passengers are aboard and enjoying their cruise, you can also send personalized marketing direct to their email. You can target passengers by where on the ship they have visited and incentivize them to return later that day. You can also create different messaging based on age or gender or provide different language options based on their hometown.

Go Beyond the Cruise

The Aislelabs platform provides solutions beyond the cruise itself. Once a customer disembarks, they can be sent an invitation to review their trip. Positive reviewers are then encouraged to share those reviews on popular review sites such as Expedia or TripAdvisor while negative reviewers are given the ability to privately provide criticism directly. This discourages negative reviews while also providing valuable passenger feedback.

The database of past passengers gives you a direct marketing tool to promote future cruises. By understanding what they like, you can target them by their interests for any special cruises that may come up such as one featuring a musical act. With their interests stored in the database, you can hyper-target customers who have not only enjoyed one of your cruises but also the fact that they like that musician.

With revenue so dependent on the movement of crew and passengers, Aislelabs Flow and Connect help understand their journeys and maximize efficiency.

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