How Buses, Motor Coaches, and Transportation Leverage WiFi for Marketing and Analytics

Many buses now feature onboard WiFi to better serve their passengers. While it provides guests with high-speed access to the internet, it also opens new horizons for bus services to market to their passengers.

In order for bus, motor coach, and transportation companies to market more efficiently, it makes sense for them to learn more about their customers. It’s also important to learn which passengers are frequent customers and which routes they routinely take.

Why Tickets are a Poor Source of Information

Buying a ticket can provide some information such as a name and email address if bought online. While it is a good start at collecting information, it is also a poor source for generating demographic and interests data.

A major issue that crops up, time and time again, is that often one person will buy several tickets for multiple people. Further, the bus company will not receive any contact information from anyone who buys a ticket at the terminal.

Even if someone buys a ticket, many online ticketing services do not provide an opt-in for customers to be marketed to. Even those that do have such an opt-in for direct marketing, won’t get much (if any) demographic or interests information from their customers.

How Free Guest WiFi Captures Profile Data

Aislelabs provides a solution with our Connect WiFi Marketing platform to capture contact data and customer profile information. Many passengers require access to the internet on a bus whether to communicate with friends and family, use the time to work while travelling, or to just pass the time. By offering free guest WiFi aboard your buses, Connect provides easy sign-in using either Facebook, an email address, or other social media accounts.

When a passenger aboard a bus logs in, Connect is able to capture their contact, demographic, and interests information from their social accounts. Leveraging this data, you can understand who your passengers are and hyper-target them via digital campaigns.

Creating Omnichannel Campaigns

Connect features built-in advanced marketing capabilities that allow you to run email, sms, and digital advertising campaigns. A cornerstone behind marketing comes down to retargeting customers to keep your brand affixed in their mind which increases repeat customers.

Aislelabs Connect is the only platform that lets you ascribe true ROI to your marketing efforts. When a customer is targeted with a campaign and returns to take a bus, the WiFi hardware will pick up their phone and associate the price of a bus ticket revealing how much revenue was generated by returning passengers.

Get Positive Online Reviews

Word-of-mouth has always been one of the best forms of marketing but it is also the most difficult to execute. Fortunately, there is a far easier method that can be leveraged by using popular online review sites. Research shows that 91% of consumers read online reviews before deciding a purchase with a further 84% trusting them as much as a recommendation from friends or family.

Connect features an easy to implement review campaign which can automatically be sent to customers after they step off the bus. With a simple thumbs-up/thumbs-down or star rating system, anyone who rates it highly will then be encouraged to post a review on a review site. This prescreens the review process and minimizes publicly posted negative reviews.

Increase New Customers with Smart Coupons

Another way of increasing word-of-mouth acquisition is through the use of smart coupons built into the Connect platform. These coupons are one-time use only and cannot be copied or tampered with. Once activated, there is a timer which counts down and invalidates the coupon when it reaches zero.

Campaigns for smart coupons can be created in Connect to be handed out to friends and family. Barcodes can be generated and integrated with many POS systems which you sync to your own system.

Understand Passenger Behaviour

The Aislelabs Flow platform is a location analytics and intelligence solution that reveals anonymous passenger behavioural data. When a passenger with a mobile phone boards a bus, Flow can detect the device and automatically attribute a passenger’s departure and destination.

This ability becomes very important to find deeper information on your frequent customers. Flow allows you to understand your repeat users’ travel behaviour, such as how many of them take which route and how frequently. This can lead you to understand which routes are more highly travelled by your recurring passengers.

Get Insights on Cross Route Behaviour

Aislelabs Flow doesn’t just work on a per bus or per route basis, but also analyzes the entirety of the route network. It reveals how many passengers take multiple routes and which routes have a higher affinity. The ability to understand this opens up interesting marketing possibilities when used with Connect.

Combining Connect and Flow

Running both Aislelabs Connect and Flow will give you even deeper insights and help you fine tune your marketing. You can combine the behavioural analytics of Flow with the demographic and interests data of those that sign into the WiFi to understand who they are and where they’re going.

One great way to leverage this information is to see which routes have higher affinity with each other. When you know that, you can target passengers who have taken one route, but not the other, and tailor a discount marketing campaign specifically to them. Because of the affinity these routes have with each other, odds are greater that they will book a ticket.

You can also discover what characteristics the passengers of each route might have in common, making it easier to target your marketing to them. This could potentially be useful for finding new passengers who fit the same criteria with a hyper-targeted Facebook advertising campaign.

Transportation such as buses already have a need to provide free WiFi to their passengers. With Aislelabs, that feature can also be a source of revenue, boost your marketing, and fill more seats.

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