How to Craft Marketing Messages for Millennial Men and Women

Smartphones and online stores have dramatically changed the retail shopping landscape but that doesn’t mean they’ve superseded the in-store experience. In fact, according to Payment Source, 82% of millennials prefer in store shopping rather than online.

However, millennial men and women still appreciate the digital shopping experience more than any other generation. Instead of an obstacle, this presents a wonderful opportunity since it allows retailers to incorporate elements of the digital experience in the real world. Bridging those experiences will elevate your store as you understand the basic general reasons they enjoy online shopping.

General Characteristics of Millennials

Millennial men and women enjoy the digital shopping experience for different reasons. For the most part, where women want personalization, men typically want more convenience such as faster checkouts via a VIP lane or in-store services like online order pick-up. Both men and women are more likely to use an in-store app which can give you an excellent touch point for delivering a digital experience in store. Millennials are also far more likely to be loyal to brands and be part of loyalty programs which you can also make part of an app.

Millennials also make it very easy to reach out to them as they’re far more likely than Baby Boomers and Generation X to sign onto a guest WiFi in store. Using the Aislelabs platform, you can collect contact, demographic, and psychographic information on guests who login. One of the major issues with creating an app is actually getting users to download it—just placing the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play isn’t enough. You need to let people know about it, and not just anyone, but the right people: your customers.

It is easy to set up an email campaign that will send a link to download the app as soon as a customer logs in to the guest WiFi. Not only can you set up a campaign to automatically trigger when someone signs up, but you can also segment who receives which message allowing you to highlight personalization when a woman logs in or convenience when it is a man.

Going Beyond In-store

Millennials are also heavily influenced by online reviews, as much as they are by word of mouth, and guest WiFi helps in that regard as well. Aislelabs Smart Reviews allow businesses to automatically send a survey to customers after they’ve visited your store or venue. Anyone who gives you a positive review is then prompted to leave a review on a popular review site which allows you to maximize the amount of positive reviews you receive.

Using the contact information you’ve gathered, you can now continuously market to your customers. This goes beyond email marketing as you can also retarget your customers using digital advertising, creating even more touch-points and keeping your brand fresh in their mind.

Going Beyond Age Groups and Gender

Aislelabs helps businesses tailor their marketing to their customers by providing detailed analytics on their customers. Understanding the characteristics of millennials and breaking down by gender provides an excellent starting point but only provides a general understanding of your customers. As an example, millennial sports fans might respond differently to the same marketing message than electronic consumers even though they are in the same age group and gender.

The psychographic information you can collect on your audience goes beyond these sweeping statements as you can collect information on what your audience is interested in highlighting possible avenues to explore. You may find that a majority of your millennial luxury shoppers are, in fact, fans of a particular sports team which might lead you to reach out for sponsorship opportunities.

Millennials have the most spending power of any generation with access to over $200 billion at their disposal. Learning to communicate with them is one of the most rewarding things a business can do with their marketing spend.

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