Using WiFi to Measure Occupancy in Shopping Malls for Social Distancing

Technology for real-time occupancy at malls that ensures proper social distancing across an entire portfolio.

The coronavirus outbreak has created a worldwide state of emergency, challenging shopping centres with identifying solutions to create a safe environment for staff and customers through social distancing.

Using your existing WiFi infrastructure, Aislelabs can be deployed to ensure malls meet rigorous mandated government and health agency requirements for shopper occupancy. It anonymously triangulates mobile device position in a physical space without requiring shoppers to sign into the WiFi or download an app. This automatically provides accurate counts of current shoppers in real time at each location and across an entire portfolio through a centralized dashboard.

How does it work?

Aislelabs uses the power of cloud-based technology to create a synchronized dashboard for multiple mobile devices. It can be deployed quickly and remotely without any capital expense.

Real-time automated shopper count

Left: Real-time occupancy for security on-site. Right: Alerts based on thresholds.

Provide security personnel with up to the minute information regarding the current occupancy levels within a shopping centre through a mobile phone portal without the need to count manually. Guards at key entrances can be easily updated on the number of customers currently at the property so that when occupancy drops below a certain threshold, they can allow more shoppers to enter the mall. All security personnel have access to the same data meaning more entrances can be in use. APIs are also available for smart lighting signage solutions to create a red/green traffic light system at entrances.

Threshold and occupancy alerts

The system can trigger when a shopping centre reaches certain occupancy thresholds. To remain extra vigilant and ensure proper occupancy limits, the Aislelabs solution automatically sends out emails and alert messages to executives and management when occupancy levels climb past a threshold. For example, if government and health agencies require a limit of 1,000 shoppers at the mall, a threshold limit of 800 can be set. When the occupancy crosses above that threshold, a warning is triggered allowing management to redeploy extra security to help manage entrances.

Shopping centre status for the public via web and apps

Real time occupancy can be used to inform your customers of the best times and locations to visit. Leveraging our APIs, notifications can be delivered to websites or mobile apps to inform shoppers when the occupancy at each shopping centre is low, moderate, or high.

Aislelabs works with a number of retailer chains, shopping centres, restaurants, airports, and venues globally and provides location intelligence and marketing using WiFi. To learn more, reach out to us at Aislelabs connects with your existing WiFi in stores to count the number of shoppers, even if they don’t connect to the WiFi. It can be deployed fast without any capital expense. Aislelabs provides an easy to use cloud based platform with footfall analytics and heatmaps across all our stores. You can understand shopper behaviour, both live and over time, to help you make operational decisions. Visit patterns, dwell times and repeat frequency of the shoppers can help optimize store hours, and shopping experience.

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