A Smart People Counter for Security Personnel

Mall operators have a long road to recovery before the aftermath of coronavirus is over as social distancing, enforced through occupancy limits, will likely be audited.

Through the use of mobile phones, the Aislelabs platform offers an easy to use solution for malls to enforce government and health agency occupancy guidelines for social distancing. It requires no new hardware or capital expense and is easily customized, auditable, and synchronized across all devices. The dashboard can provide security personnel with up-to-the-minute information regarding the current occupancy levels within a retail location through a mobile phone portal.

Issues for People Counting at Large Retailers

Using tried and true counters at large retailers and venues just doesn’t work. The reality of the situation is that multiple entrances will need to be in use and coordinating manual counting via security personnel is extremely difficult. They need to keep in constant communication which can lead to significant human error, especially during shift changes.

A Smart Counter for Security Personnel

Security personnel stationed at mall entrances are able to update a single unified occupancy database with a single click of a plus or minus button through an intuitive web interface on their phones. The current occupancy tally is visible and synchronized for each guard across all devices. Guards at key entrances can be easily updated of the current number of customers at the location so that when occupancy drops below a certain threshold, they can allow more shoppers to enter. All security personnel and the management team have access to the same synchronized data meaning more entrances can be in use while maintaining social distancing.

Accountability assured through a centralized dashboard

A centralized dashboard is available to management and executives to keep track of real time occupancy numbers. This allows management to stay current with occupancy levels at every location and ensure proper protocols are being implemented and followed.

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