Enterprise Features for Privacy and Compliance Management in Aislelabs Connect

Large enterprises need quality data to run effective marketing and to understand their customers. They can collect large amounts of data from guest WiFi that includes demographic, psychographic, and contact information which creates databases of personal information.

Privacy is of paramount importance to large enterprise sized companies, and it becomes more important and complex as databases get much larger. Keeping customer data safe and secure helps enterprises assure privacy compliance.

Aislelabs offers the only product on the market with granular control of privacy protection that is fully transparent, designed for compliance, and deeply built into our technology.

Due to the sensitive nature of customer data, our new privacy controls allow enterprises to limit access to this information in a variety of ways that will not hinder workflows. This role-based access to customer data provides various degrees of privacy based on access level.

Aislelabs works with large enterprises who use complex workflows. Data collection is only part of the solution for such clients, and data protection with flexible controls on access and approval workflows are necessary.

Role Based Access

For large teams who need access to the platform for a variety of purposes, different roles can be assigned based on the required information. For example, teams can provide limited access to marketers sending email campaigns, so that the marketer can run the campaign but able to view any personal user data eliminating risk of data leaks.

To better explain these roles, in this use case, Twin Pines Mall uses an in-house marketing team with each employee requiring different access for the upcoming Summer Blowout Event.

Full Access

Full access gives users complete control over customer data. This is useful for Sally, the executive manager, who leads the team. She is able to integrate the Aislelabs solution with other BI software and create detailed reports to strategize new marketing initiatives for the Summer Blowout Event. Not only is all information visible to her, but she can make changes and export user data in a CSV file. Only users with full access can integrate the Aislelabs solution with third party software.

Highlighted in Green: Full Access grants the ability to download full data as CSV and edit profiles.

View Only

This level of user is allowed to view customer data including age, name, interests, gender, and other identifying information. Roger in marketing uses this information to target specific audiences and creates an email campaign within the platform for the event. However, he is unable to edit or export any customer data from the platform.

Highlighted in Green: All information is visible but no ability to download and edit CSV is present.

Redacted Customer Data

Only basic aggregated information will be revealed with no ability to edit and download the CSV. Kelly is tasked with creating high level reports for the shopping centre in order to see what impact the marketing of the Summer Blowout Event had on the mall. She has access to all the reports, such as occupancy and dwell time, but all identifying customer data has been redacted (ie, johndoe@email.com would be redacted to j***@email.com) so they remain anonymous. Aggregated information of the collective audiences (such as percentage of users between the ages of 31 and 45) would be available to Kelly allowing her to create demographic and psychographic reports.

Highlighted in Green: All identifying user information is redacted.

No Customer Data Access

This is the most restricted type of user account and no customer information will be available to them. Bill is a graphic designer who creates the mobile splash pages promoting the Summer Blowout Event at the mall. His job does not require him to have access to any information collected from customers but has access to the template creator to build splash pages directly in the Aislelabs platform for the upcoming event.

Highlighted in Green: No user data is visible.

Privacy Data Storage Options for Customers

In many cases, a business may want to customize the type of data they collect from customers to protect their privacy. For example, a customer may log onto the WiFi using their social media account but not opt-in to the newsletter. In this case, a business can create a rule where demographic data, such as age and gender, is captured but none of the contact information is stored leaving their profile anonymous. Only when a customer opt-ins for the newsletter is their contact information and name made available to the business. In this way, a business can build a rich database of customer demographics but is flexible enough to ensure customer privacy based on their behaviour on the splash page.

Splash Page Approval

With larger enterprises, multiple people are involved in the splash page design process. Given that splash pages are going to be visible to a large number of customers, it poses a reputational risk should the wrong message or graphic be published. Therefore, a robust approval process is necessary and only Aislelabs provides such a workflow.

Splash pages will also now require approval from a user with full access permissions. Once Bill submits his new or revised splash page, it is sent to Sally who has full access for approval to be published. This new workflow allows anyone with login credentials to the Aislelabs platform to create or update splash pages without allowing access to customer information.

Email Collection, Validation, and Verification

Aislelabs offers superior rule-based verification methods for collecting data. Double opt-in satisfies regulations in certain countries or markets so that businesses can stay compliant with email data collection policies. This offers a closed-loop email authentication that is useful for customers to demonstrate control of an email address as a form of identity verification.

Our platform also offers email validation systems to ensure the integrity of the collected email addresses. When a customer signs in using their email address, the Aislelabs platform attempts to contact the receiver’s server to validate the existence of the address.

Privacy by Default

Privacy-centric product development is a cornerstone of Aislelabs’ product development and core concern and is compliant with privacy regulations worldwide including GDPR. We provide tools to manage and delete data, satisfying regulatory requirements for individuals to have the right to know and delete collected data.

For more information on Privacy by Default, a detailed white paper co-authored by Aislelabs and Dr. Ann Cavoukian can be downloaded here.

Only Aislelabs provides this level of sophistication and privacy control. It allows enterprises to maximize flexibility of their operations and workflow without compromising the integrity of a customer’s privacy, remaining compliant with the strictest privacy standards.

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