Video: How Customer Data Platforms (CDP) for Brick and Mortars Work

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) for physical spaces and venues has the ability to unify all elements of customer intelligence, marketing, and engagement into a single platform. Regardless of whether a customer opts in through the guest WiFi or makes a purchase through the eCommerce store, all data is accessible from a single profile.

Aislelabs has created a video that covers how the Aislelabs Customer Hub CDP works. Not only does this video detail how a Customer Data Platform consolidates customer data from both online and offline sources, but how it can be used to market to those customers as well. Watch the full length video below:

We’ve also created a shorter version of the video. Get a quick overview of how a CDP can help a shopping centre, retailer, food & beverage outlet, or any other medium to enterprise sized brick and mortar business.

These videos describes exactly how a CDP works and how it can be used to deliver hyper-targeted campaigns. They detail how Aislelabs Customer Hub acquires users (both online and offline) from websites, mobile apps, in-person signups, guest WiFi, POS systems or any number of other sources.

This data can then be used to run personalized campaigns to retarget shoppers and increase sales by analyzing data received through digital commerce and visits to physical stores in a single profile. Understand which customers shop only online, visit only a physical store, or shop both online and offline to personalize marketing efforts and cross promote. Aislelabs can calculate and attribute the ROI of both online purchases and in-store visits to give a true insight of a business’ marketing effectiveness.

Aislelabs Customer Hub allows businesses to consolidate customer profiles from multiple channels into a single location. The built-in marketing capabilities include email campaigns, SMS campaigns, rich surveys, smart coupons, and paid media advertising. All of this is done in a privacy respecting manner as privacy-centric product development is a cornerstone of Aislelabs’ product development and core concern. We provide tools to manage and delete data, satisfying regulatory requirements for individuals to have the right to know and delete collected data.

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