Aislelabs Releases a New Open Source Javascript Flowchart Editor

We’ve released a new open source lightweight javascript library for a React-based drag and drop editor.

Aislelabs engineering team has built one of the most sophisticated marketing analytics and location intelligence platforms in the market. In the process of creating and updating our product suites, we rely heavily on open source software created by a number of talented developers worldwide. In addition to existing software, we also create new tools for ourselves.

Recently, we’ve created a javascript library that helps create a window interface that supports drag and drop flowchart editing. The editor supports window positioning and resizing as well as workspace panning. The simple architecture of the plugin makes it lightweight and easy to customize. Most importantly it doesn’t depend on any other third party libraries and has no dependencies other than React. We did not find such a library in the open source domain.

We’ve made this new library open source and the code is freely available on GitHub under the MIT license, one of the most permissive licenses. This license comes with very limited restrictions on reuse allowing anyone to use and modify the software as they see fit. Our new flowchart editor is available for personal or commercial use and we’d love to see what the community uses it for.



We at Aislelabs produce some excellent code but also rely on open source code as well. As passionate technologists and good netizens of the open source community, we feel it is important that we also contribute our own code to the greater community. The world runs on software and open source software helps us achieve a better world by working together.

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