Monetizing Digital Screens and Signage with WiFi Analytics

Take Out of Home advertising further with Aislelabs and monetize your digital screens and signage with WiFi analytics for impressions and more.

Digital display screens and signage are now ubiquitous across the globe. From elaborate displays in restaurants showcasing the menus to giant billboards on the street, video has turned what was once static Out of Home (OOH) advertising into dynamic content.

These digital signage options open new avenues to be explored, both in delivering content to primed audiences and in collecting revenue. Cutting edge technology comes to the forefront to help businesses navigate these new opportunities.

The Aislelabs platform is built to augment digital OOH by providing impressions for each ad, counting the visitors within each space an ad appears. The solution also sports some unique targeting options to take each advertisement further and target advertising messaging based on visitors.


Out of Home (OOH) Advertising

OOH can take many forms including billboards, ads on buses, street furniture like bus benches, wall murals, and place-based advertising you’ll find in shopping centres, restaurant bathrooms, and airports. Even the commercials that play before a movie at the cinema are considered OOH.

Whether on the street or inside a sports arena, any advertisement you see out in public is considered out of home (OOH) advertising. One way OOH is superior to online advertising is that they cannot be blocked or hidden by users when they are out in public. In 2019, nearly 26% of internet users in the United States were using ad blockers and that number will only increase in the years to come. OOH, on the other hand, exists in a physical space and cannot be blocked by similar means, making them unskippable.


Digital Display Advertising for OOH

With the advent of digital technology, many of those old static graphic advertisements have taken on new dynamic forms with display screens. Using digital displays, multiple advertisements can now be displayed in the same space by cycling through the ads. No longer do those ads have to be a static image, either, as full video commercials can be displayed.

These ads can be monetized on a per view basis at a venue. The more customers or visitors see the ad, the more a business can charge advertisers and bring in more revenue. In order to monetize these impressions, an accurate counting mechanism is required.


Automatically Count Impressions in a Space

Flow works with wireless access points to anonymously detect the public signals broadcast by mobile devices. Spaces with OOH digital display ads can be designated on a floor plan within the Aislelabs platform which leverages AI and machine learning to triangulate the locations of those devices within a space.

Simply put, when a visitor enters a space, the Aislelabs system can automatically detect their mobile device and count them as an impression. No action is required on the part of the visitor at all. All data is anonymously collected in aggregate and no personal information is collected. The Aislelabs solution is a privacy-first product and complies with regulations from around the world.

The solution goes beyond simple people counting and provides persistent identity data. This allows you to understand the complete customer journey from the moment a visitor enters the premises until they leave. That means other important data can be collected including dwell time in the space and comparing unique vs repeat impressions.


Tailoring Advertising to Your Unique Audience

Not only can you use the Aislelabs platform to measure impressions, but by using its marketing capabilities, ads can be tailored to historical demographics and interests. You can target specific advertisements based on their behaviour within a space.

Offering free guest WiFi through social media opt-ins allows Aislelabs to learn more about your visitors. Demographic information like age and gender is collected for each customer who logs in as well as their behaviour within the premises. When correlated with the locations of the digital display ads, demographic patterns emerge.

For example, from Friday to Sunday, women aged 35 to 45 were the predominant demographic visiting hallway B from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. With this behavioural insight, the digital display in hallway B can be programmed to only show advertisements that cater to that audience such as make-up and handbags.


From Impressions to Conversions

The effectiveness of an advertisement can also be determined using the Aislelabs solution. Because the platform retains historical data for an entire location that can be subdivided down to the retail level, the effectiveness of an ad can be determined in several ways.

One scenario is to simply set a baseline for a retail store before an ad is executed. After getting a good idea of the footfall traffic, an ad can now be displayed. By comparing the two sets of data, the effectiveness of the ad can be determined.

From simple impressions to advanced customer segmentation in a physical space, Aislelabs can help businesses better implement and optimize their Out of Home advertising. All this without any costly installation and deployed using the existing wireless infrastructure.

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