Introducing Aislelabs Insights: Precise Analytics Across WiFi Sensors, People Counters, and Cameras

Unify Behavioral Analytics via WiFi, Cameras, People Counters, and Other Sensors.

We are announcing Aislelabs Insights, the first and only platform that gathers data across multiple sensor types. Footfall counters, cameras, WiFi access points, and a multitude of sensors can all be combined together to reveal a 360-degree view of your customers, visitors and their behaviour. Our cloud-based platform is already the best location intelligence solution in the market for WiFi and other sensing technologies, and it’s about to get better! We’re excited to give you a sneak preview at what we are releasing!

Aislelabs Insights allows companies to combine footfall and location intelligence data from multiple sensors into a unified dashboard. That means data from WiFi networks, smart cameras, ticketing systems, boarding pass scanners, or any other people counting technology can all be brought together, giving you a consolidated view of visitor behavioural analytics. Use your existing infrastructure hardware to get started without any upfront investment or a lengthy deployment process.

Why Integrate Different Sources of Data?

Leveraging data from all sensors gives you a complete view of visitors within a space. Smart cameras and other counting technologies, like ticketing scanners, provide an estimate of the number of people that entered the space. These counters, however, cannot report on dwell time nor how many people entered the space more than once. Complimenting these counters with a WiFi solution provides behavioural data for the end-to-end journey. This enables persistent identity data for customers such as how many entered multiple times, dwell time, their frequent paths, affinity between different zones and areas, and more.

A Unified Interactive Dashboard

Capturing data is one thing, but what good is it if the information is siloed in multiple platforms? Aislelabs Insights combines, parses, and correlates all the data together giving you a complete view of all statistics, figures, and intelligence in a single, unified dashboard.

Pulling data from multiple sensors, the platform provides a complete picture of customer footfall and behavioural analytics. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, data is combined to give a complete view of visitor behaviour and analyses.

Zones and Heatmaps

Aislelabs Insights provides an intuitive way to create and view segmented zones in a location. It’s simple to create zones and areas within a location. Using a drag-and-drop editor in our visual floor-plan mapper, it’s easy to denote where your sensors like WiFi access points, smart cameras, and door counters are. Easily draw in the areas you want it to keep track of for various metrics such as cross-space affinity, dwell time, and visitor counts.

Aislelabs also features visual heatmaps which reveals the footfall traffic density of each area in your location in real-time. Door counters and check-out queues are also easily placed within the floor-plan to get granular statistics on how many customers enter, and how long they spend waiting to check out.

Collecting Visitor Behavioural Data with Multiple Sensors

Each type of sensor has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Traditional People Counters

  • Utilizes smart and thermal cameras, boarding pass scanners, and ticketing scanners.
  • Cameras or other people counters lack the ability to assign a persistent identity to individuals. As such, they cannot report on how many times a single person returns to a space, their dwell time, cross-space affinity, or other behavioural information.
  • Ticketing and boarding pass scanners provide a high fidelity of data but can only be deployed at entrances or boarding gates.

WiFi Access Points

  • Are able to provide a persistent identity: understand the complete customer journey from the moment they enter the premises until they leave.
  • Understand footfall and behavioural patterns of visitors with WiFi enabled mobile phones and devices.
  • Visualize first time vs. repeat visitors, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, real-time heatmaps, and the complete conversion funnel.
  • Use existing wireless infrastructure.

By combining different sensing technologies, you reveal more about your customers and how they interact with your spaces. This provides a better view of your visitors and reveals surprising results no single sensor could possibly detect.

Aislelabs Insights brings all this data together and, through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, consolidates it into a single, easily understandable dashboard.

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