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Why People Counters are Important for Your Business (Part 2)

Understanding how many people enter your retail store and how they interact with the space provides illuminating insights for your business. By leveraging data from people counters, you can make optimal decisions that improve the space and increase revenue. Part …

Why People Counters are Important for Your Business (Part 1)

People counters and WiFi location analytics provide a wealth of information that improves businesses. Understanding how many people have entered your retail store or venue is an important indicator, allowing you to make critical decisions about what to optimize within …

Self Heal Missing Data Due to Access Point Downtime with Smart Fill

The more complex a wireless network, the more likely an access point or several of them will fail. Using self-healing techniques provides a way to keep inevitable downtimes from affecting your data. Aislelabs works with some of the largest access …

How Our AIOps Discovers and Remedies Inaccurate Data

Detecting and correcting errors in complex systems requires artificial intelligence and machine learning in operations. Without it, IT operations may never discover and remedy inaccuracies in the collected data. Large, enterprise-grade infrastructure is both intricate and complicated meaning these deployments …

Create Restaurant and Cafe Experiences with Digital Marketing

When you think of engaging your customers and increasing patronage, free guest WiFi is probably not at the top of that list. Usually seen as an expenditure, offering WiFi to your customers it is actually a great source of marketing …

How to Cut Costs for Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants – Part 2

Cutting costs is a great way for restaurants, bars, and cafes to increase profitability. The food and beverage industry runs on such tight margins that even a few small cuts here and there can add to the bottom line. In …

April 2021 Product Updates

Customer engagement and digital channels never stop evolving—and neither do we! Aislelabs engineers have been hard at work enhancing capabilities and building out new features into the platform. Here is what we’ve added in the past month to make the …

How to Cut Costs for Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants – Part 1

Restaurants, bars, and cafes must run tight ships if they are to be profitable in the food and beverage industry. Finding ways to cut costs while increasing revenue is essential for these businesses and cannot be overstated. Restaurants, cafes, and …

Master Mobile Marketing Even Without an App

Smartphones have become indispensable pieces of technology and provide a great way for you to market to your customers through mobile marketing. We all rely on our phones for social media, email, contacting friends or family, watching the latest videos, …

Aislelabs is the World’s First WiFi Marketing and Location Analytics Vendor to be ISO 27001 Certified

We at Aislelabs are proud to announce we have received ISO 27001 certification, becoming the world’s first and only WiFi marketing and location analytics company to be certified. We have always exceeded the industry standards to safeguard information and this …


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