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December 2023 Updates

December 2023 Updates

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What’s new this month:

  • Continuing to Streamline User Interface – Screen Deprecation Project
  • Guest Wi-Fi Captive Portal – Editable Splash Pages with Progressive Profiling Rules
  • Event Space Creation – Populating Details within Specific Date Ranges
  • Facebook Business Manager – Send CRM data to Business Manager securely

Below, find more details about this month’s new and improved features.

Continuing to Streamline User Interface – Screen Deprecation Project

Improving the Aislelabs UI is an ongoing initiative, and efforts are being directed towards decreasing the number of screens through what we are calling our Screen Deprecation Project.

This project involves the systematic removal or improvement of outdated and redundant interface elements, which will ultimately optimize the overall user experience for efficiency and clarity. Making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

In busy environments especially, like shopping malls and airports, it can be crowded… Same goes for software. Having a simplified navigation and streamlined interface is so important. You need to be able to easily navigate through the platform, and our simplified UI will make this intuitive. This leads to a more straightforward experience and reduces unnecessary clicks, or any potential frustration.

Stay tuned for exciting updates in the coming months as we continue to enhance the Aislelabs UI.

Guest Wi-Fi Captive Portal – Editable Splash Pages with Progressive Profiling Rules

Aislelabs Guest Wi-Fi Captive Portal has splash pages that are customizable and incorporate progressive profiling rules, allowing administrators to modify the initial landing page for guest Wi-Fi customers.

Through this enhancement, the information collected in our system is now progressively conducted based on customer interactions, resulting in a more personalized and engaging customer experience.

This customization capability becomes impactful in settings like shopping malls and airports, where the Wi-Fi captive portal’s splash pages can be tailored to display promotions, events, or location-specific information. This not only increases customer engagement but also fosters a more interactive and personalized experience for individuals accessing your Wi-Fi services.

Event Space Creation – Populating Details within Specific Date Ranges

In this initiative, we focused on optimizing the creation of event spaces through the implementation of an automated system for populating details within designated date ranges.

This refinement in the process serves to streamline the management of events, ensuring a seamless population of pertinent information according to specified time frames. Such an advancement greatly facilitates the efficiency of event planning and coordination.

By employing this innovation, customers can expect a more streamlined promotions process, ensuring that visitors have access to Wi-Fi throughout the event duration and receive timely and pertinent information, promotions, and updates.

Ultimately, this update aims to contribute to a more relevant and engaging experience for event attendees.

Facebook Business Manager – Updating Graph API for sending CRM data to Business Manager

Aislelabs has been hard at work with Facebook’s development team, focusing on Business Manager’s Graph API process.

Following up on last month’s post about enhancing security, functionality, and compatibility with the latest standards. Our customers can expect improved performance and increased reliability by sending data from Aislelabs CRM to Facebook through Business Manager integration.


In conclusion, the ongoing initiatives in Wi-Fi environment optimization, particularly in high-traffic areas like shopping malls and airports, promise a host of benefits.

  • The continuous streamlining of user interfaces through our Screen Deprecation Project ensures a seamless experience for customers accessing Aislelabs Wi-Fi solutions.
  • Customizable splash pages and progressive profiling rules in Guest Wi-Fi Captive Portals offer personalized engagement opportunities, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • For event spaces, the automated population of details within specific date ranges simplifies event promotion, contributing to a more efficient and engaging Wi-Fi environment.
  • Updates to the Facebook Business Manager Graph API process ensures secure data transfer between Aislelabs and Business Manager.

These advancements collectively aim to create a more user-friendly and secure, Wi-Fi experience.

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