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Measuring Occupancy in Universities for Social Distancing

As universities grapple with the realities of the pandemic, they will need an easy to deploy and auditable solution to ensure occupancy limits. In order for on-campus activities to commence, strict occupancy control limits will have to be maintained at …

June 2020 Product Updates

We have officially arrived at the halfway point of 2020 and what a tough year it has been. Throughout the past few months, Aislelabs employees have been constantly reading, listening, learning, and adapting to the new normal. One problem we …

Playbook to Safely Reopen Food and Beverage

As governments around the world begin to relax social distancing rules and guidelines, food and beverage (F&B) face a huge challenge ahead of reopening. F&B venues have to plan how they can have customers enjoy their meals while ensuring their …

Announcing Aislelabs’ Next Generation Splash Page Editor

Aislelabs is pleased to announce an overhaul of the splash page experience. This second version is now incredibly customizable and goes far beyond the original template editor. It’s a brand new way to create fresh, new journeys for customers logging …

Playbook to Safely Reopen Retail Stores

Everything you need to know in one document with research from regulatory bodies, industry groups, and retailers from around the globe. As governments around the world start to relax general social distancing rules and guidelines, retail businesses face one of …

Playbook to Safely Reopen Shopping Malls

Everything you need to know in one document with research from regulatory bodies, industry groups, and mall operators from around the globe. As social distancing and quarantine measures help put the brakes to the spread of COVID-19, shopping malls around …

Enterprise Features for Privacy and Compliance Management in Aislelabs Connect

Large enterprises need quality data to run effective marketing and to understand their customers. They can collect large amounts of data from guest WiFi that includes demographic, psychographic, and contact information which creates databases of personal information. Privacy is of …

Aislelabs Furthers Its Partnership With Aruba Instant On

Aislelabs is pleased to further its partnership with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, with support for Aruba Instant On. Deploying Aislelabs on Instant On enables small businesses to turn their Wi-Fi into a customer data acquisition and digital marketing …

May 2020 Product Updates

As public spaces around the globe slowly start to reopen to the public, rules and guidelines have been put in place to keep people safe. We have been busy creating enhancements which can assist during this transition. You can also …

A Smart People Counter for Security Personnel

Mall operators have a long road to recovery before the aftermath of coronavirus is over as social distancing, enforced through occupancy limits, will likely be audited. Through the use of mobile phones, the Aislelabs platform offers an easy to use …


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