September 2023 Updates

It’s time for the monthly product update from Aislelabs. Login to see all new features in your account.

What’s new this month:

  • Improved FLOW heatmapping
  • Aislelabs now supports Ubiquiti Networks
  • Faster dashboard performance

Below, find more detail about this month’s new and improved features.


Improved FLOW Heatmapping

For our FLOW customers, visualizing their traffic analytics data is key. And one of the most important visualizations is the heatmapping across their floorplan. Great news – it’s now even better.

New features include:

  • Easily reset the zoom level
  • Download in new file formats (png)
  • Visualize changes over time of day

Aislelabs now Supports Ubiquiti Networks

Our products rely on hardware integrations and one emerging major player in wi-fi access points is Ubiquiti Networks. Starting this month, Aislelabs now directly integrates with the Ubiquiti Networks platform.

Ubiquiti Networks Logo









Have Ubiquiti Networks hardware? Contact our support team for more details: [email protected]


Faster Dashboard Performance

With improved dashboard performance, you can seamlessly analyze complex data sets, track key metrics in real-time, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Say hello to a smoother, more productive workflow and unlock your team’s full potential.

Dashboard Performance

Flow Report with pre-compute enabled loads 10x faster

When you try to load one month’s data. Embrace better dashboard performance and supercharge your data-driven success today.

Did you see the August updates?

See you next month!

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