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Customer Paths and Retail Store Layout — Part 11

Customer Paths and Retail Store Layout — Part 11

Customer path 11

This is the final part in our long customer path and retail store layout series! We’ve covered quite a lot from consumer behavior to types of layouts in that time.

Up to this point, we’ve covered all of the major ways to create a retail store layout and all of the elements that shape a customer path. But as any marketer knows, the act of optimizing for maximum benefit involves testing and for that, you need data.

What is Aislelabs Flow

Aislelabs Flow is our cloud-based analytics platform that allows business such as retail stores to anonymously understand the behaviour of their customers. It delivers actionable insights on visitors and customers allowing our clients to visualize new customers, repeat customers, dwell times, walking paths, and heatmaps.

The easy to use, cloud-based interface provides real-time and historical analytics across all venues to set and compare campaign performance. Metrics can be filtered to track key objectives to obtain a complete overview of customer behavior across your properties that makes sense for your business.

Using Flow for In-Store Displays and Signage

Aislelabs Flow location analytics allows retail stores to easily discover which areas of the property are more frequented. Flow can visually display heavily visited areas in order to determine which areas are best suited to display advertisements. Moreover, Flow makes it easy to analyze how people move across areas inside the store so you can identify the effect of signage directing people in specific store areas.

Optimizing Customer Paths

Taking behavioral analysis one step further, Aislelabs Flow offers retail stores insight into cross-department visits. This allows retail stores to maximize customer distribution across the property. By analyzing the entire retail area, low and high trafficked areas can be identified by footfall patterns. Flow can also analyze the affinity between each department to find out which of them attract the same customers. With this information, the retail store layout can be optimized by positioning these departments near each other with a few low visited departments in between. Or they can be placed on different floors to drive consumers from one floor to another in the department store.

Aislelabs technologies helps to revolutionize analysis and marketing to retail store customers. This helps build lasting relationships with visitors allowing retail stores to tailor the layout to customer wants and needs which crucial to the success of any business. Aislelabs Connect offers a simple but powerful way to strategically execute multi-channel digital campaigns and precisely measure the ROI of each. Flow allows any space to be actively analyzed in order to understand the behavioural patterns of all customers. Understand and optimize spaces, track key objectives across all locations, and obtain complete visibility on shopping behaviour.

This brings our customer paths and retail store layout series to a close. We hope that you have found this in-depth dive enlightening and useful.

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