Aislelabs helps build Smart Spaces for CISCO Innovation Center

Aislelabs has been a part of Cisco Innovation Centre Toronto for its path-breaking work in the area of Marketing Analytics and Intelligence. The Cisco Innovation Centre Toronto helps organisations, partners, universities, developers and startups speed the development of projects based on Cisco architectures and solutions.

Aislelabs partnership with Cisco helps in providing anonymous analytics about consumer behaviour at the venue through Wi-Fi signals that are picked by Cisco infrastructure, translated into marketing insights by Aislelabs servers to be used by the marketing managers. Aislelabs’ marketing and analytics platform provides in-store analytics solution that enables marketing managers to gain actionable insights on visits and consumer behaviour in any physical venue such as a retail location, shopping mall, airport, venue or event.

Aislelabs web-based user interface delivers real-time reports on footfall, heat-maps, dwell times, most frequented spaces, top walking paths, cross-shopper patterns, multi-store comparisons, and marketing campaign success metrics. Bruce Croxon, Founder and Partner, Round 13 Capital added, “Aislelabs brings a layer of intelligence to the Cisco Meraki system which enables patterns to be monitored and translated into useable data.”

Learn more about our collaboration with Cisco by watching this video:

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