New WiFi Marketing How-To eBook for the Food and Beverage Industry Available Now

Supercharge Your Restaurant’s Marketing with Guest WiFi will show how restaurateurs can revolutionize their marketing in a postdigital age.

We have announced the release of a new ebook targeted towards the food and beverage industry and it’s available now. Titled Supercharge Your Restaurant’s Marketing with Guest WiFi, the free ebook demonstrates how restaurateurs can get started in WiFi marketing for their business.

The dawn of new online technologies and social media has completely revolutionized marketing. Diners now rely far more on online reviews and social media recommendations rather than word of mouth or any food critic’s review. This has marked a huge change in how restaurants need to position and market themselves in a postdigital age.

Our new ebook details how the Aislelabs Connect platform benefits the industry and explores WiFi marketing for restaurants, cafes, and bars. It details different ways marketers can utilize guest WiFi to enable a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Supercharge Your Restaurant’s Marketing with Guest WiFi is available right now. Marketers will be exposed to ways that will transform simple guest WiFi into a powerful digital marketing platform. Obtain benefits such as turning new customers into repeat customers, understanding demographics,  market to select audiences across all digital channels (including email, social, display ads), and measuring ROI.

It will detail how easily customers can sign in and how effortless it is to market to them. Along with detailing how the industry has changed in the modern era, it will explore in depth how guest WiFi can solve many of these new issues. Here is an overview of everything covered by the ebook:

  • How Guest WiFi Works
  • Encouraging New Reviews
  • Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers
  • Know Who Your Customers Are
  • Visitor Surveys
  • Reach Your Customers with Social Marketing
  • Cross Promote Your Restaurants
  • Reaching Out to Customers

To download the book click here.

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