Aislelabs Connect for WiFi Marketing Video Breakdown

WiFi marketing and social WiFi are revolutionary platforms for brick-and-mortar stores as well as any physical space featuring a large amount of visitors, such as a hotel lobby or a sporting arena. Knowing who frequents your store or venue is crucial in getting them to return again and again. Using the same concepts that online stores have used for years physical retailers can supercharge their marketing efforts.

Aislelabs Connect easily brings the power of online e-commerce analytics to real-world stores. How this all works may seem daunting to understand at first — so we distilled it into an easy-to-grasp short video explaining how it works with your existing WiFi infrastructure. In just three minutes you’ll learn how Connect can grow your CRM to hundreds of thousands of loyal customers by viewing our WiFi marketing video below. Check it out!

Connect is built on our advanced, enterprise level platform. We service multiple verticals: everything from cafes to restaurants to shopping malls and even sporting arenas. Gain actionable insights into who your customers are and what their behaviour is by offering one-click access to your free WiFi via their social media accounts. Even better, with no need for additional hardware, you can be up and running in no time.

Along with Connect you’ll have access to Aislelabs Campaign which will allow you to hyper-target your customers across many different digital platforms. Send multi-channel campaigns easily through email as well as digital and social media avenues. Create and send surveys at key times to enlist customer feedback. Most importantly, get a real ROI by going further than click-through rates and compare who viewed your message and how many of them actually returned to your venue.

Click the following link to learn more about our advanced marketing campaign platform.

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