Aislelabs Privacy Now Fulfills EU’s GDPR Compliance (General Data Protection Regulation) Guidelines

We have now improved our security and privacy policies for complete GDPR compliance.

Aislelabs has always been forward facing when it comes to privacy compliance with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario recognizing us as a Privacy by Design Ambassador. We not only provide our clients with privacy protection that is fully transparent, user-centric, and deeply built into our technology — but their customers as well.

Continuing in that tradition, Aislelabs is now in full GDPR compliance. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was developed by the European Union to protect its citizens from privacy issues and give them more control over their personal data. To learn more about the legislation, click the following link to find out more:

The GDPR coordinates all the existing European data privacy laws and places the control of an individual’s data back with them. It gives users the right to access their own data and withdraw it if they so choose.

While legislation was ratified on April 14th, 2016, it won’t be enforced until May 25th, 2018. Aislelabs has already developed an intuitive and elegant solution for our European customers and end users well ahead of the deadline.

Improved Clarity and Transparency

The Social WiFi splash page login now more prominently features an opt-in checkbox which informs a guest that by optioning in, they have given their consent to for us to collect their data. Longer terms and conditions are also available to users from the splash page.

Tools to Manage and Delete Data

When it comes to giving users access to their information, we’ve developed a user profile manager to access and manage their data. The login process requires no password, all a user needs is to provide their email address. This tool respects the user’s right of access to information held by us for a user.

Once their address is submitted they are instantly sent a magic link via email. From there, they just need to click the link and they’ll be logged into their account. Users will never have to remember any password which makes it far easier for them to access their data.

In the user’s profile page, users have the ability to access their information. From there they can easily request to opt out and their records are wiped from the system. Customers can always opt back in again by visiting an Aislelabs enabled space and re-signing on to the guest WiFi.


At Aislelabs, our leaders commit to support and provide guidelines for data protection compliance by following a framework of standard policies and procedures. This includes Aislelabs’ internal privacy policy as well as the MLA code of conduct as developed by Aislelabs along with several industry partners, government agencies, and the Future of Privacy Forum.

Privacy by Default

Privacy-centric product development is embraced by Aislelabs’ product development teams, whereas the 7 foundational concepts are used as guiding principles:

  • Proactive, not Reactive; Preventative not Remedial
  • Privacy is the default setting
  • Privacy embedded into the design
  • Full Functionality — Positive-Sum, not Zero-Sum
  • End-to-End Security — Full Lifecycle Protection
  • Visibility and Transparency — Keep it Open
  • Respect for User Privacy — Keep it User-Centric

A detailed white paper co-authored by Aislelabs and Dr. Ann Cavoukian on Privacy by Default can be downloaded.

We are certain that these changes we’ve implemented to fulfill the EU’s GDPR compliance guidelines will not only create a better experience for users but put our clients at ease as well.

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