New Business Intelligence E-Books and Case Studies

Aislelabs is pleased to announce that we’ve just published four new business intelligence e-books. These two how-to guides and two case studies will cover everything from venues and conferences to large department stores to shopping centres.

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Available today, we have a new e-books covering how a department store can leverage the awesome power of WiFi marketing, location analytics, and business intelligence using both the Aislelabs Flow and Connect platforms. A second guide details how the same products are used to increase sponsorship revenue at large venues like stadiums and conference centres.

Our case studies target shopping centres and how the Aislelabs Connect and Flow platforms have been used in two different scenarios. Where one investigates maximizing foot traffic for a Black Friday sale, the other recounts how the Aislelabs platform was used to retarget cosmetic consumers.

All four case studies and e-book guides are available now directly from our website. Below, you’ll find more details on each report and links to download each one of them.

Transform Your Department Store Guest WiFi from a Cost to a Revenue Stream

Aislelabs’ enterprise-level technology platform enables retailers and department stores to maximize their marketing potential and realize the full power of their WiFi network. Transforming guest WiFi from a cost into a revenue stream by acquire behavioural insights helps to illuminate where your customers spend most of their time, which departments are more popular, and how frequently they return to your property. Use footfall data and digital marketing to attract new customers and retain your current customers.

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Increasing Sponsorship Revenue for Venues & Stadiums

Three use cases that demonstrate the power of guest WiFi for large venues. The e-book covers how a large stadium or convention centre can leverage a powerful CRM in order to entice, retain, and upsell sponsors. This technology can be used for aquariums, attractions, museums, hotels, casinos, or any other type of venue.

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Retargeting Cosmetics Consumers in Shopping Centres

A global shopping centre group—representing over half a billion square feet of office, industrial, multi-residential, hotel, and retail assets—aimed to assist a cosmetics retailer across their portfolio to increase sales. They were able to drive foot traffic to the cosmetics store across their properties utilizing data from the Aislelabs Connect and Flow platforms and targeting key demographic information.

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Maximizing Foot Traffic by Marketing a Black Friday Sale

A large regional shopping centre wished to promote Black Friday sales along with the announcement of the arrival of their in-mall Santa Claus. The shopping centre wanted to bring as many visitors back to the mall as possible. Learn how they encouraged customers to return to the mall during their Black Friday event by leveraging their CRM and demographic information captured by Aislelabs Connect.

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These business intelligence guides are all available to download right now. To learn more about the Aislelabs WiFi marketing solution Connect and our location analytics platform Flow, click the preceding links.

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