October Product Updates

Aislelabs is pleased to announce updates to our enterprise-grade products. Our Engineering team has been working hard improving our products functionality based on customer needs and partner feedback.

New Calendar Page

Want to know the impact of weather on the visit patterns and dwell times of your audience? A new page with the advance filters helps you drill down the data and generate insights. Also, the weather information shared in real time for any selected location is more accurate now with multiple third-party integrations.

Store Potential Map

The conversion funnel page has now got a new map which displays the selected store’s potential. The area emphasized in black denotes the path traversed by potential consumers which could have been captured by the store highlighted in red.

Integration with Route Mobile

Aislelabs now integrates with Route Mobile, one of the top 5 tier-1 global messages hub in the world. Route Mobile complements the existing integrations Aislelabs has with other SMS providers. This integration gives our client’s the access to 180+ DIRECT connections with telecom providers worldwide. Aislelabs marketing platform will now be able to better support SMS marketing in the Middle East region with support for short codes.

Splash Page Rejection with a Reason

We have added a new feature to reject a splash page version along with a reason. Users will be notified via email for the rejection. Previously, admin users could only approve splash page versions.

Status of the Campaign

A new field showing the status of the campaign was added. With just a click, users can now know at what stage the campaign is in:

  • Completed: All emails have been sent out and the campaign is now complete.
  • Scheduled: A specific date campaign was scheduled to be sent out at a future time.
  • Running: The campaign has started, and emails are currently being sent but they have not all been completed yet.
  • Pending: An on-going campaign was scheduled to be sent out at a future time.
  • Archived: The email campaign was archived by user.
  • Error: When there is an error in sending emails.

Other Features

  • Removing Clutter: Reworked the unsubscribe page to be simpler and more efficient by removing the “name” and “tell us why” fields.
  • The success page on the splash editor now supports web links. The customizable text can be displayed on the success page which will be directed to a pre-set link when the user clicks on it.
  • Splash page functionality was enhanced with the separation of personalized login page and personalized success page. The personalized pages can be used to segment and target your audience with different splash experiences at the same site.
  • Pre-populating sender email and sender name: Users can now enter and save sender name and email in organization settings. These fields will be pre populated whenever a user creates a new campaign.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue of sending multiple emails to the same users while running a campaign.
  • Fixed an issue for a scheduled specific date and birthday campaign where emails were sent according to the UTC time zone. The scheduling is now done in accordance with the user’s and the site’s time zone.
  • Fixed an issue for filtering out the users on the User Lists page.
  • Updating campaigns: Users will not be allowed to update any completed campaigns. Updating the completed campaigns was interfering with the analytics of existing data.
  • Fixed an issue where users were allowed to schedule different splash page experiences for the same date range.

See our previous August & September update.

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