April 2019 Product Updates

2019 is going to be a big year for us as we continue to expand our engineering team and build new platform features. We are making strides in creating and leading a new category of customer journeys for brick-and-mortar retailers.

New and Redesigned Way to Login

We have redesigned our login page to enhance the user experience for the thousands of users who log into our platform every month. Our design team is on a mission to make our product look stunning and the new login page has an improved layout with enhanced fields and buttons. We also now allow you to view your passwords while typing and support better error handling. Organizations using IdP providers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, F5 can instantly sign in using their official account without creating a new identity on Aislelabs platform.

Smart Fill for Missing Data – Visitor Analytics

When you manage hundreds of APs, some are bound to go down, be it a hardware issue on the AP, cabling issue, or internet connectivity to your site. While Aislelabs data ingestion has an up-time greater than 99.99%, issues on the site levels mean there are times with no data. Even if a single day of data for your site is lost it can result in 3% discrepancy in monthly numbers. To solve this, Flow now features a Smart Fill feature. Different filler types such as moving average, same day data or custom mapping use distinct algorithms to make up for the lost visits which are displayed in grey on the charts.


SMS Allowed/Excluded Countries

Running international SMS campaigns for all the users in your CRM can be challenging with different regulations in countries in regards to shortcodes, pre-registered texts, and texts to be sent during business hours. To make it easier, we have added the option to whitelist and blacklist countries. You can now specify which countries the SMS message should or shouldn’t be sent. For example, if you created a dynamic list from your CRM to run a promotional SMS campaign where international visitors are not your target customers, these countries can be filtered out using the blacklist feature.

SMS Campaigns Limit

SMS campaigns now allow you to set a limit to the number of recipients. Smart Coupons already allowed you to run intelligent coupons which prevent abuse and limit one-time use only. If you are running a promotional SMS campaign with smart coupons which is only available to the first 100 users, this is now possible with an easy setting. Users can define the maximum number of messages to be sent along with the number of smart coupons available for redemption. This helps to effectively utilize your integrated marketing communications budget on promotions.

Inline Renaming of Items/Records in your List

Continuously automating your marketing for different sites using campaigns, templates and other components usually leads to a large number of records without a proper naming convention. Inline editing allows our users to directly edit the name field from the table without using a pop-up or a separate form. You can make all the changes while on the same screen where all the records are listed.

Other Features

  • In the March update, we changed the format for site & connect reports CSV export to AL_Tabname_datetime.csv where datetime is the date & time of download. Now, we have added the tdids and org ids as well to this format – AL_tab_TDID/ORGID_datetime.csv.
  • Updated chart colours and icons on the space occupancy page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor performance issues on the sensor status page.
  • Improved error handling for not allowing special characters and spaces in sender email.

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