Aislelabs Announces User List Segmentation Based on Campaign Analytics

Email has always been a high-ranking­­ channel for marketers. Aislelabs has taken it to a whole new level by introducing the best of segmentation capabilities to email marketing for brick and mortar.

Driving effective email campaigns requires the ability to predict how likely a user is to take an intended action paired with the email. We have added that ability to our static and dynamic user lists by applying email engagement analytics. Aislelabs now supports segmenting user lists based on the recipient’s past activity, ensuring that each email is personalized to the user.

Aislelabs didn’t invent email marketing but we are making it ubiquitous for retailers. Aislelabs already allowed you to segment your user lists based on demographics, visitor behaviour, opt-ins, and social channels. We are focused on removing away the complexity for location marketing by building a powerful automation platform for retailers of all sizes. Thousands of physical sites rely on Aislelabs as a major piece of their integrated communions stack.

The Why of Segmentation?

Your recipients’ attention is the key in email marketing. Users receive many email messages every day and if a campaign is unsuccessful, it is not always the fault of the message. Just because your users are interested in apparel promotions, does not mean they care about all clothing offers.

Segmenting your user lists strategically with common needs, interests and pain points allows you to engage users more meaningfully than if you treated everyone the same. Once segmented, you can target each user group with creative content that appeals to them the most.

Segmentation leads to increased open and click rates for your email campaigns — boosting campaign metrics, driving more conversions and sharing email messages that matter.

How will List Segmentation help?

Identify your Engaged Users

You will now be able to create a list of users who are more engaged than your average user. Campaign analytics will allow you to dig deeper into the results to see how each user interacted with your campaign. This will help you reward your most loyal users such as through a loyalty program and make your brand even stickier.

Pinpoint Content

Categorizing users based on open and click-through rates will help you pinpoint which content is most interesting to your users. When targeted, the engaged users are more likely to be happy with the personalized content from your brand and highly motivated to click on a call-to-action.

Re-activate Users

Now you can easily track users who did not open your email and then segment these inactive subscribers into a reactivation campaign. One way would be to change the subject line of your follow-up campaign and remind the user of the next step you wish them to take.

Each of your users is unique in terms of interest and engagement with your brand. Therefore, sending them personalized emails with list segmentation will help you create value for them. Summarizing the above in three words would be – Value, Individual, Contextual. This is what we built the Aislelabs platform to deliver.

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