November 2019 Product Updates

We pride ourselves in building features and enhancements which our users want most. Here are the updates from our November release:


Identify Your Most Valuable Tenants

“When a mall operator uses advanced analytics to select tenants, optimize mall layout, and determine rents, its revenues can rise by 20 percent” – Mckinsey & Company.

Our new tenant ranking feature helps mall owners identify their most valuable tenants. The percentile ranking is based on visitor dwell times from each tenant in the mall. Dwell ranking will assist you in tenant-category segmentation, setting price range for every lease, and many more data-driven tenant mix decisions.


Organize Your WiFi Networks by Regions or Groups

Segment your WiFi networks by creating regions or groups. Grouping will help you categorize your WiFi networks and use them as filters in the Aislelabs platform — this is especially helpful if you have hundreds of sites. You can create an unlimited number of groups based on location, store format, performance and more.


Compare 14, 30, and 60 Day Visitor Retention After an Event

A Bain & Company research study suggests increasing visitor retention rates by 5% can lead to an increase in profits by 25% to 95%. With these statistics in mind, we have designed a funnel for you to measure 14, 30, and 60 day visitor retention on the event report. The retention funnel numbers can be analyzed for both the event and the reference period selected.


Analyze Event Reports by Space, Area, and Category

You no longer have to create multiple event reports if you want to analyze the impact of your offline event by space, area, or category. With a new table, we have made it easier for you to understand, compare, and reference visits and dwell metrics by space or category.


Aislelabs Flow Apps on Cisco DNA Spaces App Center

We have been a trusted Cisco solutions partner providing turn-key applications on Cisco’s infrastructure. We launched three Aislelabs Flow apps on the DNA Spaces app center at the recently concluded Cisco partner summit 2019 in Las Vegas. The Flow apps require no additional configuration and can be engaged within minutes of installation. Retail, transportation, venues, and hospitality users can now visualize their DNA Spaces data using our dashboard and vertical specific reports.


Unified API for All Flow Metrics

All Aislelabs Flow data is now available to you through a unified API. One single API allows you to integrate all Flow metrics, KPIs, CRM, ERP, loyalty systems, and more straight into your BI tools. You can pull this data for multiple sites, spaces, or areas to enrich your existing data sets. What’s more, our API is restful, more secure, and 5x faster than traditional APIs at transferring data between systems.


Flexible Time Duration for Your Guest WiFi

You can now set the number of hours each customer is allowed to use the guest WiFi. Time duration is used to limit the amount of free access to a connected WiFi customer has (1 hour/calendar day, for example) following which, the user is directed via the splash page to buy an access code for additional time duration.


Updates to Airport Passenger Path Matching Algorithm

Your custom passenger paths are now more accurate with the improved passenger path matching algorithm. It allows you to create conditions around the sequence of spaces your passengers visit. Moreover, the algorithm can also be tailored according to your unique airport business operations.


Improved Data Portability with CSV Exports

Our products, by design, always had interoperable export formats. In this update, we have improved the functionality to export data from all the tables (UI) in CSV format.


Other Features

  • Improved performance of the sent emails list on the email analytics page.
  • Added the ability to approve previously rejected splash page.
  • Improved the loading time by 300% for Connect users page.
  • Historical report now supports multi-site selection.
  • You can now import up to 2 million user records from any third party system via CSV in a single user list.
  • You can now match passengers to multiple flights from the same space at your airport. With input from your flight data, our improved algorithm can identify multiple gate-rooms in a single space and assign the boarding passengers to their relevant flight.

Bug Fixes

  • Re-ordered dwell time buckets in ascending order on historical and airport visit report page.
  • Splash page birthday date selector on Safari browser.
  • RADIUS session and idle timeout for users authenticating to the splash page using the anonymous button.
  • Editing any existing event report.
  • WiFi network alerts while applying Flow filters.
  • Custom selector drop down on the splash page.
  • Uploading content on the media library page.
  • Splash success page hide video control button.
  • Trend chart of emails opened on email analytics page.

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